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Maiwen : 150cm Huge Boobs H Cup TPE Love Dolls Intelligent

$8299.98 $5039.85

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Total: $5039.85



Maiwen is a high end smart sex dolls that uses advanced tpe materials and advanced technology to make the smart doll's head, eyes and mouth moveable, and built-in intelligent voice system. Basic voice dialogue can be achieved, giving you a more realistic sex experience. Maiwen is 150cm tall and weighs 36kg because she has a huge chest and a bra size H. Sexy and curvy body fascinates you.


Height 148cm Thigh 38cm
Weight 36kg Arm length 58cm
Bra H Cup Feet length 20cm
Bust 102cm Vagina 18cm
Waist 48cm Anus 16cm
Hips 94cm Mouth Can not oral sex


NOTE:The robot's mouth was installed with mechanisms to make her lips move when she talks, so the robot can not perform oral sex

• For anal and vaginal
• 100% articulated metal frame, spherical joints, good mobility of limbs
• Exquisite facial makeup, ultra-realistic skin, excellent softness
• Intelligent voice dialogue: English
• Smart mobile: moving eyes, mouth and head
• artificial intelligence

Package list:

1 x Smart sex dolls
1 x Wig
1 x Comb
1 x Gloves
1 x Sexy erotic underwear
1 x Vaginal heating rod
1 x Vaginal cleaning instrument


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