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173cm BBW Sex Doll

Sex Doll Review of 173cm Huge Breast

Customer Reviews

4.5 (135 reviews)












  • J. Schimansky

    Feb 23, 2020


    My first big boobs sex doll and I'm very happy. Good quality. I feel like the holes are not in the correct places but it still gets the job done. Just feels a little awkward compared to the real thing. Of course you also have to support 50 lbs of dead weight so that is awkward as well. DEFINITELY get the standing feet addon for these dolls. I feel like it shoulRead more about review stating Great dolld just be standard. It would be an absolute pain to move/dress/etc. if not for the standing feet (note: Although it is possible for the doll to stand on its own, it is very hard to balance it just right. The standing feet are more for assisting you for dressing the doll or other things...) When I got the doll, it was a bit shorter than I realized. However, I don't think I could handle a doll any bigger (mostly weight). But knowing what I know about the doll, I would still purchase it again. No regrets! Oh, and clothes are kind of a pain to find for this doll. Not exactly realistic measurements. You will find yourself buying kids clothes in some items and adult in other. And the ass is a bit big for the kid-sized waist and legs.

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  • W. Emmanuel Curry

    May 18, 2020


    Love that heating system make.Love that TPE sex doll heating system make over that heating system, make you feel like your shaggin' a real gal'u gotta make sure u charged the doll long enough though, that thing pump out lotta energy

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  • B Wolsey

    May 23, 2020


    I choosed this big tits sex doll for her face that seems to look at you with stink eyes ! For me a woman needs to have curves, to be fleshy and deliciously naughty, Jade is like this, so if you like bad girls same me, come one ! Photos of this big boobs sex doll shows a very tasty buxom doll, but in real it's even more impressive. I love her !

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