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6YE Dolls High-end Amor Love Doll

ULOVERSDOLL.COM is an authorized sales agent of 6YE Brand.6Ye Premium is one of the pioneers producing premium quality sex dolls with TPE. 6YE Doll are known to be high-quality cheap sex doll.Amor Doll is an exquisite label by 6Ye Premium. We will add a list of new features that will only be available in this series of Premium dolls.

What is 6YE Premium Doll

6YE Sexdoll is a TPE sex doll manufacturer with rich production experience. Its main customer groups are Europe and the United States. 6YEDoll has combined European and American men's aesthetic vision of women from the beginning of its design and continues to innovate to ensure that our products meet the changing needs of customers. After several years of hard work, it has become a well-known sex doll brand in Europe and the United States. 6ye Premium sex doll is a realistic TPE adult doll manufacturer Our lifelike life-size sex doll items are known with high quality, affordable price and the wide range of selections.

Benefits of buying 6ye Love Doll

  1. A must for beginners
  2. Sex dolls are consumer goods, and for inexperienced novices, it is wise to choose a low-priced, high-quality sex doll. When it comes to choosing between a torso sex doll and a full-size realistic sex doll, it all comes down to your budget. A life-size sex doll provides a greater experience than a sex torso. If you want a more high-end TPE doll, you can find it at Funwest Doll.

  3. Meet higher functional requirements
  4. At 6YE Dolls, you can also pay to upgrade the advanced functions of your female sex doll. These advanced configurations can make your doll more realistic from the inside out and enhance your sexual experience.

    • EVO Skeleton
    • Gel-Filled Breast
    • Moaning Function
    • Body Heating Function
    • Articulated Fingers
    • Realistic Body Painting

  5. Better Cleaning And Maintenance
  6. These 6YE TPE sex dolls only need to be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. After they are naturally air-dried, they should be dust-proof and regularly sprinkled with talcum powder for maintenance. Proper care can extend the life of your sex doll.

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