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POSTED ON Jan 25,2021

Do not you worry your feet dirty?

We get a lot of calls from the customer's e-mail and IM, who are asking the question: "how can I do if my feet dirty sex doll" If my feet tearful sex dolls? " realistic sex doll This issue is at stake for those who are busy with realistic dolls. We can say that these interactions are devoid of emotion, and perhaps they are - for now. But what is not absent in our silicone flesh research is anticipation. If a person likes the meetings, we can imagine it expects its appointment with the doll with pleasure and enthusiasm. We can imagine that some of their fantastic life is occupied by the imagination of their own fingers stroking the soft material, kissing lips or soft toes, the smell of cleaning fluid used to keep these things free of disease or feeling synthetic hair on their bare skin.

(5) Feminism and equality: women too can enjoy the company of sex dolls. Yes, the male dolls are really something. However, it is surprising that these dolls represent only 10% of sales and outnumber female variants. Ladies, are you listening? best sex doll A similar process occurs in a smaller sink for the head and the inserts that fill the holes.

Meanwhile, DS Doll is delighted to launch its first generation of sex robots, which should be out shortly.

There are many cases where the real woman have been used as models for the sale of love dolls. silicone sex dolls "We will see a global shortage of condoms everywhere, which is going to be scary," he told the Guardian. "My concern is that for many humanitarian programs ... in Africa, the shortage will not only be two weeks or a month. This shortage may last for months. "

"They have no sense, they can not be abused. They are not real. So there is no objectification."

"I feel that this can happen," she said, "but the people of East Industry find it helpful to make dolls that are not robots and do not talk. As long as its current president is alive Orient Industry manufacture not robots. "

We get a lot of calls from the customer's e-mail and IM, who are asking the question: "how can I do if my feet dirty sex doll" If my feet tearful sex dolls? "0

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