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POSTED ON March 09, 2019

Lifelike Sexy doll: our view of Africans

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Silicone woman doll! it's necessary

For a long time, sex has become a game, a target of consumption, and auctions have become stars in recent years.

Who hasn't seen a woman in the box of the online booth? We know what the next step is! Then India, Brazil and even Libya and Zimbabwe lock and hair to beat the game! I asked my friend businessman to put the wick on the market, but even the workers refused to work on this project!
Who hasn’t heard a girl ask, “Have you seen me?”, recognizing that she thinks she is just a price, the lowest price, she thinks the amount is great!

Those men who started to think of women as sex! As a happy object! The more they spend, the more they will increase their erotic fantasies. We even see the couple separated because there is no longer any sexual harmony. Yes, sexual blackmail even happens to couples.

I admit that it is difficult to know when a woman loves a man, and a man prefers a woman. Yes, everything is blurred.
In the beginning, God said: "It is not good for people to be alone," and in this denial of primitive loneliness, people respond to encounters with miracles and ensure that people are human beings and no one.
Yes, our parents said that behind a big man, there is a big woman. Today, behind many failed and failed men, there are one or more women Lucy, long hair from other places. Then, we don't know what they are doing with this money, they are kept in men's wages and income.

Sex dolls draw a line between love and another erotic reduction.

Personally, I mourn that this distortion of sexual desire has been reduced to the most painful point. There is still no improvement in sex life today.

But we must at least begin to distinguish. The word love should have all the sacred meanings. This climax transcends the orgasm and creates an exchange of ecstasy and life. This is why the Bible says: They only have one body. I want to see to what extent men will make a single plastic (physical?) with their realistic silicone dolls.

This new decline in the shadow of modernist perversion also teaches us one thing. They will be manufactured and we will consume. They made homosexuality, and we saw the supporters of the beasts at home, on the television. I dream of creating my channel one day (oh, dream), and these guys will never walk into the studio. We speak with less evil morality. In plastic, between gay, I still prefer my grandfather and his four women, who are actually our four grandmothers. They are well managed and it is difficult to distinguish their father's mother from living together.

Today, we seem to be very happy to pour into our brains.

Come on, take me where I am. In front of my franchise in Uloversdoll there is a real woman and a realistic vagina!

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