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POSTED ON April 10, 2019

Why are big butt sex dolls more popular in men's hearts?

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According to market research conducted by the Uloversdoll professional custom sex doll store, most of the men like big buttocks. When they didn't find the full-bodied buttocks women they liked, they chose the big butt lifelike sex dolls.Many men prefer women with big ass, and this preference also affects the purchase of lifelike sex dolls. Why are so many men wearing round and full hips?

First of all, the fullness of the buttocks is more likely to stimulate men's sexual fantasies, giving them a strong sexual desire. They enjoy this stimulating sex process and like the sounds in the process of sex. The vast basin always symbolizes the ability to give birth and to give birth to many healthy offspring. Therefore, the love of the "happy pelvis" is the essence of human reproduction and the most effective. Sexual culture also plays a role in our preferences and tastes. The fullness of the buttocks, coupled with the sexy buttocks, makes people feel stimulating, just for sensuality. The brain activity of the naked eye is as strong as true happiness.

Not only the real women who are flesh and blood are obviously one of the reasons why men like big ass. With the development of sex dolls, realistic big butt tpe dolls can also achieve their dirty sexual fantasies like real women. Here, men are also increasingly using tpe dolls, which have a wide buttocks.

But what is the most attractive hip and hip of a real female and a lifelike sex doll?

Unconsciously, men are always looking for a woman who seems to be productive and able to have girl. Fertility properties In addition to the wide buttocks, huge breasts have become one of the criteria for their choice of female companions. They represent vitality and the ability to easily give birth. Even if we don't understand these, these qualities will affect our focus on partner selection. Therefore, if someone nourishes our interest, these things will have an indirect effect on our judgment. One study showed that the hips were larger and their girl's cognitive abilities were often higher. On the other hand, sex dolls have little to say about their cognitive abilities.

Men often find women and lifelike sex dolls attractive, and what qualities can make your heart beat faster! According to one study, the fat pad in the buttocks area helps to bind contaminants and drain out of the body, which has a positive impact on life. Plump hips are a guarantee of hormones. They protect the arteries and balance blood sugar levels.

According to a British study, women with longer distances between the two hips are more active and diverse than women with smaller pelvis. The reason is simple because these women have less genetic fear of possible births and complications. In addition, they seem to know more about their bodies and desires. Researchers believe that girl born to mothers with wide hips are superior in intelligence and therefore smarter. Further research shows that these women, unknowingly, hope to strengthen intimacy and guide them more enthusiastically. The wide hips represent sexy femininity. There are many reasons why men like big butt women, and stimulating sex is just one of them.

Women who like big ass are a very normal thing. If you want to have a woman with a big butt but can't find it in reality, then the silicone sex dolls in our store may help you because they also have a full chest. The huge ass is enough to fulfill your special requirements for this figure. If you have any doubts and want to order realistic dolls with more body attributes, we will be happy to serve you.

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