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POSTED ON July 21, 2019

Use your realistic sexy silicone sex doll to show all the charm of women

realistic TPE dolls

Sex dolls are hard to refuse. The love doll are the same size as people, and they can satisfy the dirty sexual fantasies that people do not realize. If you mix sexy lingerie with a beautiful woman with perfect body and looks, you will be intoxicated by her obsession. When sex dolls went on sale, it deeply attracted men's eyes and hearts. They all dream of having a life-sized TPE toy. Show others your hidden side. Every man has his own perverted, dirty sexual secrets. However, not everyone is willing to reveal this secret to others, even to their partners or other relatives. But true love sex will not refute you, criticize you, let alone tell your secrets to others. She will not feel uncomfortable or make you uncomfortable. You can try some crazy ideas for her.

Therefore, whether you choose TPE or silicone will surprise you, but remember to take good care of the doll so that you can enjoy its loving comfort for a long time. As always, when you're ready to buy a sex doll and other quality life, buy a sex doll immediately. At first glance, I'm interested, but after looking at it for a while, I began to wonder if this was something I was missing in my life. After all, they don't get angry and complain, they don't refuse, they never cheat. So I thought, damn, let's look at their prices. I searched until I found a website that I thought was good and it was Uloversdoll. Their choice is good and it is difficult to determine which doll I want to buy. It took me a while to watch before I got tired and went to bed.

Move her limbs by holding the joint in the other hand, for example, holding the elbow while moving the forearm. The doll's range of motion is impressive, but be careful and gentle when posing and moving the doll around. No sunscreen is needed here, but some tips for keeping your skin in top condition include. Protect your legs with socks or pantyhose, avoid cuts, leave marks and make clothes easier to wear. You may find this strange, but you don't have to use water-based lubricants to have sex with your doll now. It is safe to use petroleum jelly or baby oil instead of lubricating oil. We always recommend using condoms.

realistic silicone dolls

Carefully release the doll's head from the protective cover and screw it onto the sex doll. Be careful not to overtighten! If the doll's head is twisted all the way, and it is facing backwards, just loosen it by one turn, do not try to over-tighten it, otherwise it will damage the doll! As an optional final step, before putting the doll's head on the body, transport the doll's body to a shower, bathtub or any place capable of washing her and wash it well with antibacterial soap. This will help eliminate the extra oil that may be on the doll and make her beautiful! You can wash your hair, but be careful not to let water get into your eye sockets and be careful with your eyelashes.

Add spice to your sex life with your partner. No matter how obsessed you and your wife are, sometimes you may want to try new ideas or things. For example, you want a third party to join your sex life, but it is difficult to find someone willing to participate and it is full of uncontrollable factors. Unless you discuss this with an open-minded friend, this will be embarrassing. If you don't know the other person well, you may regret some unsafe behavior. So custom sex doll are the best choice for you and your partner. Not only can they meet your needs, they can also cause your partner to be jealous.

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