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EX Doll High End Ultra Realistic Silicone Fuck Dolls

As a leading brand of high-quality sex dolls, EXDoll can perfectly present all the details of the doll's body, and has won the favor of consumers around the world with its excellent craftsmanship, realistic design and user-friendly functions. If you are a person who pursues perfection and wants to get life size sex dolls that are indistinguishable from real people, you will not miss these high-end silicone sex dolls.

What is EX Doll/DSDoll?

EX sex dolls, also known as DS Doll, are ultra-realistic sex dolls founded in 2019, headquartered in Shandong, China. EXDOLL has EXPRO series, CyberFusion series and RealClone series. The EXPRO series is further divided into Utopia series and Ukiyo-e series. Each EX sexdoll is meticulously carved and handmade, making the doll's facial expressions, skin texture, fingers and toes of high end sex doll extremely realistic, providing a near-perfect simulation experience.

What are The Differences Between The 4 Series of EX Love Dolls?

  • Utopia Series
  • It draws on the many advantages of the second dimension and gives it more body detail features. The matching heads are very cute and idealized. This series is a separate head and body, and the body and head can be matched with each other in the same series. Utopia has two makeups to choose from, including S makeup (Sut-Makeup) and advanced custom makeup (Fut-Makeup).

  • Ukiyo-e Series
  • With realism as its main feature, the body shapes include mature women, supermodels, well-proportioned, plump and other types. The head is designed for adult women, with an age range of 20 to 50 years old. The heads and bodies of this series are all separate, and the bodies and heads of the same series can be matched with each other. Ukiyo-e has two makeups to choose from, including S makeup (Sut-Makeup) and advanced custom makeup (Fut-Makeup).

  • CyberFusion Series
  • This series uses a variety of advanced technologies, such as 3D technology, special effects makeup, head and body integration, etc., and the body also integrates the biological data of clones, and the degree of simulation is greatly improved.

  • RealClone Series
  • As a pioneer of life-size simulation dolls, EXDOLL has been constantly thinking about the development direction of the industry. We hope to find a new way to freeze the best moment of youth. To this end, EX newly purchased a full set of industrial-grade 3D equipment worth millions of dollars to accurately record all the biological data of people, replicate them on the body, and transform them into dolls. We named it the Clone series. This is the culmination of our hard work over the years.

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