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POSTED ON July 22, 2019

What do you need to pay attention to while maintaining your realistic cheap sex dolls?

realistic TPE dolls

Most custom sex doll are equipped with a vaginal irrigator. After use, rinse the holes with the water pump we provided. Next, insert a soft absorbent cloth into the hole to absorb the remaining moisture. If you need to clean the outside, just wash the sex doll with water and soap. Do not use a hair dryer until it is dry, because if you heat the doll above 40ºC, it will start to melt. Then apply some baby powder on her skin, which will absorb the remaining moisture and improve the touch. To dry the holes, we recommend using tampons, one for the mouth, one for the vagina, and two for anal openings. The tampon is easier to insert, absorbs moisture, does not produce fluff, and can be easily removed with a sliver. The tampon absorbs most of the sperm-lubricant mixture. This way, you can move the doll without worrying about dropping things. You can remove the tampon after a few minutes.

The next day was the usual morning work, work, food, work, and then home, which was my lonely one-bedroom cottage on a large hilltop outside the town. The scenery was great, but after looking at the surroundings for a few days, the night became a bit boring to me. Therefore, I decided to re-use the laptop, but instead of going back to the faithful adult dolls to wear night hats at night, I went back to the real sex doll store and started shopping again. At this point, I'm pretty sure I want to buy a doll to accompany me, you know what type of company I'm talking about. Then hit like lightning! I found her! I found that I was quickly called summer, and just posing, the silicone sexy doll showed me all her sexyness for me to see. I didn't expect that I just added her to the cart and then checked out!

Clean the private body parts of dirty knight sex dolls, if vagina, anus and mouth are used, additional care is required. Since the genitals are in a highly stressed area, it is ideal to apply the cream to the vagina and chest once a week because it contains mineral oil and is quickly absorbed by TPE. If the TPE dries, mineral oil will make the TPE soft and elastic, and then cracks or tears will appear, so it is very important to provide extra care for the vagina and chest. Leave Nivea cream on for about 6 hours to allow it to absorb onto the skin. For better protection, you can use a cream every time you use the orifice.

realistic silicone dolls

Alright, alright, we unboxed her, it's time to look at all this hype, right? I mean, you spent a lot of money, you have waited for weeks to get it, and your waist is out of the box. So you have to wait for something good! This is what we will introduce next. Vaginal intercourse is perhaps the most common sexual act of all sex. Our dolls have a realistic vagina, and you can even choose hair or hairless depending on your taste. Some are hidden inside, some are bumpy, and some even come with options! No matter what you get, it will feel great.

Because I was unwilling to buy more than $ 2,000 online, I specifically asked merchants to call me. I received the call around 11:30 as requested. I talked to their product manager, who paid great attention to my questions and answered each question with enough information and care to really earn my respect. He was not in a hurry to get off the phone and didn't mind if I had a lot of questions. We talked for a while and then he gave me the estimated date of arrival of the best love doll. I am excited. When I got off the phone, I was happier than I remembered before, and I didn't even get the doll.

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