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POSTED ON July 32, 2019

In addition to sex real dolls can do whatever you want

realistic TPE dolls

Sex dolls are an object that can be used to treat psychological, personality, and behavioral disorders, alleviate depression and anxiety, or accompany the lonely elderly. These uses are socially and environmentally reasonable. There are no cases of using sex dolls to cause chemical harm or sexually transmitted diseases. It turns out that using sex dolls can increase sexual satisfaction, improve deep sleep and improve health.

Do scientists and doctors agree that using silicone sex dolls is beneficial? In fact, many psychologists, scientists and doctors in the world believe that using sex dolls is more helpful than regular treatment and consultation. Those with little or no social experience, those who suffered physical or sexual abuse during childhood, or those with severe mental disorders in social interaction, will experience unexpected benefits after spending time with dolls. There are many user feedbacks: sex dolls will never criticize you, deceive you, deceive you, she will not give you any unpleasant emotions. This prevents many people from worrying about being criticized, contradictory or criticized for being open to others.

The fun of this flirting lies in visual experience rather than physical sensation. Men like sexy breasts, they can make the breasts more sexy. However, just grab them and play with them, but this aggressive and explosive action may turn a dull night into a passionate night. When you stimulate the nipples with a vibrator, she will become hotter and more sexy. More interestingly, if you stimulate her clitoris and breasts back and forth, she will burn completely.

realistic silicone dolls

How to deal with stains or dust on the skin when using or placing the doll for a long time? You can't wipe with a clean towel immediately, but need to wash with warm and cold water. For dirt that cannot be washed away, use soap, shampoo, shower gel and other mild detergents. Remember not to use aggressive cleaning agents, including strong acids, strong alkaline solutions, strong disinfectants and cleaning agents. After cleaning, dry the water with a clean towel. After the surface is completely dry, apply the child or talc powder to the adult doll and apply the powder evenly, the doll's skin will become smooth again.

Not everyone has a real adult doll for sexual purposes. They can open their hearts to them and speak their minds. Real sex dolls listen patiently, don't judge. Therefore, it can meet your physical and emotional needs, give you full attention, and absolutely obey you. When you feel lonely, you can hug it and sleep together, which will make you feel safer and more confident, and is a good way to eliminate anxiety, release stress and meet sexual needs.

Smoking is stealing your sexual abilities. Tobacco is not friendly to blood vessels. The particles in tobacco can damage endothelial cells, causing blood narrowing and slowing of penile blood. Long-term smoking can cause erection difficulties and ejaculation dysfunction, and even organ inflammation. Sleep can ensure adequate rest, everyone's brain and body need to take a break to maintain a normal life. If a person is severely deprived of sleep, their sexual desire will be greatly reduced, and they are more likely to have morning erectile dysfunction. Maintaining body function is essential.

Realistic TPE sex dolls and silicone love dolls-which is better? It depends on many factors, such as the amount you are willing to pay. But considering various factors, TPE sex dolls are the future of sex dolls. Because it can be used to make more love doll. TPE sex dolls can hold longer penis and have more girth, because it has greater space expandability, and its more realistic skin feel will provide a more realistic, more typical and more satisfying experience . Realistic sexy dolls can even help ease anxiety and depression.

Women don't like men playing "long games." Most men think that the longer they can last, the stronger the power they show. In fact, when women like to have sex, they will care about more details of men's thoughtfulness and caress. If a man beats for an hour but there is no new pattern, then the woman lying underneath may be tired. Physically, the ability of the vagina to be lubricated has been limited, and long-term love will slowly lose fun. Psychologically speaking, women are more likely to expect men to heat her up for some time after sex, rather than falling asleep directly.

By paying online or in cash, you can minimize employee interaction with customers and ensure that you have enough privacy to enjoy all crazy fantasies with adult dolls. The sex doll shop can meet your requirements for wearing and displaying dolls. Now, not only men patronize these sex toy stores, but many women go to sex toy stores to buy TPE love dolls for their husbands to prevent their husbands from cheating.

What about other items? If you are interested in buying real sex dolls accessories or masturbation, we will help you. If you have special interests, please contact us. We will work with you to ensure you get an amazing deal! Who can buy silicone dolls in bulk? Any buyer interested in high-quality sex dolls can order in bulk. However, most of our bulk orders are placed in the following ways, we think you will find that our prices bring you a very impressive profit margin. More importantly, we work with the best doll manufacturers in the world. Quality is always impeccable.

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How do I use and take care of my sexy silicone love doll sex?

July 24, 2019

More information about these can be found in our 2019 sex dolls Buyers Guide, but all in all, removable devices will be easier to clean up, but the trade-off is appearance. The built-in vagina is more realistic in appearance. However, both sides feel good and I can prove that it is first hand!

Follow the right steps and ways to clean your new sexy silicone adult doll

July 23, 2019

The day when I finally arrived, my summer love doll had arrived and fell like a stork and a newborn baby. Actually it wasn't, it fell from my front door. I can't lie, it's a heavy box, and at first I was worried about weight. But I think I'm a strong person, it's nothing!

What do you need to pay attention to while maintaining your realistic cheap sex dolls?

July 22, 2019

Most sex dolls are equipped with a vaginal irrigator. After use, rinse the holes with the water pump we provided. Next, insert a soft absorbent cloth into the hole to absorb the remaining moisture. If you need to clean the outside, just wash the sex doll with water and soap.

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Sex dolls are hard to refuse. The love doll are the same size as people, and they can satisfy the dirty sexual fantasies that people do not realize. If you mix sexy lingerie with a beautiful woman with perfect body and looks, you will be intoxicated by her obsession. When sex dolls went on sale, it deeply attracted men's eyes and hearts.

Keep your new lifelike sex dolls clean before using them

To clean fantasy sex dolls, just spray bottle, baby wipes, powder and makeup brush. Place the doll horizontally on a flat surface, such as a bed or a soft foam cushion. Use a spray bottle to add 70% water and 30% washing powder (odorless) and mix. Spray her front half and wipe it with a baby wipe until she cleans her torso, arms and legs.

Clean and maintain the sexy TPE love doll before and after use

It is very important to check that the clothes placed on the love doll will not transfer any color to the love doll. If the two types of skin (silicone and TPE) are not thoroughly cleansed before use on the doll, they will show any color on the clothes.

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A month or two passed and Charles did not report. Then I found out why. It's not a stranger who nailed my girlfriend, but Charles! I left. I didn't look back. Ever since the day Emily's sex dolls came into my life, I need my time alone to get rid of all the lying, cheating, and sheer ugliness I've been addicted to.

Many people get access to sex through realistic love silicone dolls

It doesn't matter, this is actually normal, and many female sex dolls, at least those honest women, will tell you the truth. But for some, this is just normal and not good enough. So how to overcome it? You will learn how to control endorphins. You will learn how to slow down at the right time, how to put yourself at an advantage, and then back down.