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POSTED ON October 10, 2019

Funny dolls will tell you what sex is?

real sex doll

This time the fun of painting classes, Dr. Chobe uses a beautiful silicone woman real sex doll for us to have knowledge about libido. The work is one of the series of learning comics and has also published other books such as women's body and sex education. Although it is a study painting, it is a groundbreaking study book that allows you to learn small and difficult content, just like the books you are reading about libido, the surrealities of these characters and gags. Doctrine is everywhere. The realistic shape of the silicone doll is shocking. Of course, the interesting sex life course is basically a really considerable book. Basically, it can attract more people's interest.

This series transcends the framework of the work, and all the casts have sexy characters, which is very attractive. Real adult dolls are not only a substitute for women, but also a secret sex life. If you think you have taught about erections and sexual diseases, then you don't have to learn real sex dolls to use, exchange, rubber and leather love. Paintings such as objects. It has been introduced to this level. Unsurprisingly, the tastes and tastes of many men differ from simple learning paintings.

After all, the biggest beneficiary of this work is the vast majority of consumers. As a red point, all the interesting characters have experienced sexual harassment. In order to introduce a woman's body, she was bare, this plump entity TPE love doll woman was completely naked. A boy touched her lower body and told her that she had a adult and was told about her hymen. This is the level that makes you want to be sympathetic.

Practice your sexual skills with real sexy dolls

When it comes to men, the role of adolescent sensory boys is imposed, and there is a boy-specific phenomenon in their bodies. When I got up in the morning, they had white liquid in their pants. What happened to my body? This is a serious explanation from Dr. Chobe. This is called ejaculation! This is also a normal physiological phenomenon in men. In contrast, women have menstruation every month. Men's nocturnal emission can be alleviated and improved, and sexual catharsis can be used to reduce the phenomenon of nocturnal emission.

That's right, for the first time in this work, I know ejaculation. It is very rare to make the first ejaculation moment into a story. In addition, there is an inadvertent phenomenon caused by Dasongjun climbing trees or horizontal bars or sumo. This is a fairy named Sanctification! This is also a clear explanation for Dr. Chobe. Indeed, be careful when making love with a life-like love doll! In any case, when the boys ejaculate or die in their works, they do feel pitiful.

real love doll

In the contraceptive course, the boy's father may be his most sought after, he has six girl and is economically regrettable. Draw a real scene that does not exist. How stupid sex I have, even if I am pregnant, I must have an abortion. And all this happens only between one thought. If we knew at the time that men could use real cheap sex dolls to make love, we can avoid the grief of today. His father is too realistic, it turns blue in many ways. Abortion is a question related to the job of a boy. Of course, if you do this, a healthy sex life cannot exist.

From the flow of such a vivid story, but not deployed to talk about the importance of contraception, the promise of sex education has been used with illustrations to distribute condom descriptions. By the way, the use of condoms with sputum seems meaningless. It's ok. In addition, the fun sex class is full of explanations about the future of sexual life through real love doll. Contraception is a necessary part of sex education and should give them a comprehensive understanding of what sex means. Girls who experience sex for the first time often suffer from painful processes, but if they are sufficiently aware of the way sex is done, it can greatly ease the atmosphere. You can experiment with a mini sex dolls or practice your sex skills based on the video to gather your experience so that you are well prepared for sex.

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