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Baker 100cm TPE AA-cup Simple Little Girl Real Love Dolls Gallery

POSTED ON May 19, 2022

Sex aside, falling asleep with silicone sex dolls, especially in the dark, is incredibly beautiful. It's fun to see a love doll while you sleep. Lying there is as beautiful as an angel sleeping beside you, even if the first rays of sunshine in the morning come into the room. Some love dolls can even close their eyelids. It's great to enjoy a real love doll in the dark and dim light. You can create different colors with the right lights and cloth. Romantic candles like tea lights and electric candles, you can use scented candles or add everything to your music. You can use moonlight, morning and dawn, such as small colored neon light sources. Again, there is no limit to your imagination, except for tea lights, which may require attention due to the risk of fire.


Manufacturers MESE Doll Bra B Cup
Height 100cm Weight 12.9kg
Bust AA Cup Vagina Depth 16.5cm
Waist 38cm Anus Depth 12.5cm
Hips 58cm Oral Depth 10.5cm

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