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Leelou Yellow Dress Blonde Sexy Images 148cm Sex Dolls E Cup

POSTED ON May 10, 2019

Leelou wore yellow sexy clothes in the gallery, indicating an attitude towards pornography. Leelou is a 148cm real size sex dolls. She has a full boobs, a soft tpe E-cup sex doll, a realistic facial makeup and a sexy posture that can easily attract your attention and make your heart move through the screen.

Leelou is a sexy perfect woman, a good girl who only has her life. The life-size silicone doll is 148 cm in size and the golden hair is the perfect replica of all women, designed to satisfy all your libido. This sexy TPE doll has a strong look that will prove the infinite charm of women. Her large, strong breasts and tight openings make it easier to suck your sex organs and get you up to speed. This high-quality E-cup sexy doll has a slim waist and a very narrow aperture, making it a good investment.

Do you often have the urge to have sexual desires and worry about not having a suitable partner? If you like a blonde woman, she has a soft chest, the smallest breast size is the E cup, and she will unconditionally satisfy any of your sexual intercourse, more real sexual movements, the desire to seek orgasm, then Leelou this A lifelike tpe sex doll is probably one of the best choices, because she meets all your expectations and is your perfect lover.


Height 148cm Hips 82cm
Weight 27kg Vagina 18cm
Bust 87cm Anus 16cm
Waist 50cm Mouth 13cm

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