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Cheap TPE/Silicone Sex Doll Head for Sale

We customize the sex dolls head from various sex doll manufacturers. You can choose other head shapes according to your doll's brand (doll heads between different brands may not fit). We also provide a choice of skin color and wigs, so you can match your favorite girl.

When your mystery about sex dolls disappears, it means that you are not sexually interested in the sex dolls you have. It is too expensive to change a sex doll, and it is acceptable to change only a head sex doll. With 2 sex doll heads, you can swap, which equals you having sex with two different girls at the same time. This more advanced gameplay.

Because of the difference in the production process, some sex doll manufacturers do not use the M16 interface for the doll head and body interface, but use other specifications for the interface. If you do not buy a realistic sex doll head of the same brand, you may face the problem of not being able to use it. In addition, there may be cases where the size of the doll's head does not match the size of the body. Therefore, be sure to buy sex doll heads of the same brand, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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