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POSTED ON June 05, 2019

Are you eager to meet your sexual desire with a realistic silicone woman sex doll?

realistic silicone sex dolls

Do you want to satisfy all your wildest desires with a silicone sex doll woman? She can accurately decide what you will do in any situation and always meet your wishes. Do you want to achieve sexual fantasies without negative feedback from women? Everything is possible until today. This is not only the surprise and welfare of all people, it also solves more people's sexual fantasies and sexual desires, becoming an indispensable and faithful companion.

As the name suggests, custom sex doll are a product that is closer to the human body. They need to use a tool to shape the appearance of the person, or some manufacturers of sexy dolls are just a torso, but they are still made to satisfy sexual desire. Because it is reusable, various postures are also achievable, and the touch is as strong as a real woman.

In short, the solid life size silicone sex doll is the whole entity, there is no hollow component, so the volume is relatively large, and the weight is generally half the weight of humans of the same height. The dolls from 100 cm to 170 cm are basically 15KG to 50KG, which is the normal weight of adults. The size of the doll is built to the highest standards and is in line with the public's love, and is not too exaggerated and unexpected.

They can be purchased and used in a private space, making them ideal for home use. Real adult sex dolls are very sexy and realistic. But it is not suitable for carrying because it is relatively large. In addition to spending a few hours of salary choices and sex with a prostitute, this not only does not maintain a long-term relationship, there is a high probability of illness. No friend or girlfriend will be fooled into being a sexual object. Therefore, we must admit that only dolls can make new breakthroughs in this unlikely aspect.

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