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Adaline 150cm/4ft11 Lifelike Sex Dolls Video

Uloversdoll 2019-04-18

Adaline is a full-size 150cm/4ft11 custom sex doll. Adaline wore a red sling skirt in the video, with two braids of hair. It is a beautiful and sexy Asian woman, although she was wearing clothes, but you can still feel her sexy femininity, body movements of live-action and animated facial makeup, like a real woman appeared in front of you.

Uloversdoll also sells accessories that can turn any ordinary silicone into a sexual partner. Looks like a layer of skin, a pair of breasts and vulva aprons can be attached to the pillow or folded quilt, leaving a deep impression. At this stage of their development, these dolls are very similar to ordinary TPE, so that it is difficult to know whether they should be classified as bedding or sex toys.

Adaline is a beautiful and sexy Asian woman, a lifelike sex doll with a body size of 150cm/4ft11 and a weight of 25kg. According to the real woman's model, the real female body proportion and the sexy curve body are displayed. Seeing her beautiful and moving, are you fascinated by her?


Height 150cm/4ft11 Hips 74cm
Weight 25kg Vagina 18cm
Bust 68cm Anus 16cm
Waist 52cm Mouth 13cm

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