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XT Sex Doll's Subcutaneous Heating Function Introduction Video

Uloversdoll Mar 13, 2024

The traditional heating method for realistic sex doll to wrap the electric heating wire around the metal frame, and then pour TPE/silicone material into the mold. The Heating part of the entire doll is on the metal frame. Unfortunately, TPE/silicone is a poor conductor of heat, and the thick material layer prevents heat from reaching the surface of the skin.

To make the furface of the skin reach human body temperature, the temperature on the skeleton even needs to reach 100 degrees to achieve this. Such high temperatures can damage the doll and even cause a fire. In the early stages of this process, some manufacturers have already learned painful lessons. Therefore, nowadays the skeleton temperature is generally limited to raound 50 degrees, which means that the skin temperature has hardly increased.

Based on XTDOLL's ultra weight reduction process, engineers place the heating network in a shallow layer 1cm away from the surface of the skin. This means that the heating system of the XT Doll can quickly convey temperature to the skin surface. It tackes approximately 20-40 minutes for the body temperature to reach 39℃ depending on the ambient temperature.