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Realistic Silicone Head AIBEI Sex Dolls

Better Dolls, established in 2022, is a cutting-edge manufacturer in China's silicone head + TPE body love doll industry. The head that expresses the beauty of women is made of high-reproducibility silicone, and the body is made of soft TPE, you can choose. Silicone head sex dolls are highly rated for their high heat resistance, flexibility and overall high quality. It's soft, comfortable to the touch and resistant to microbial growth, making it ideal for realistic sex dolls. Acclaimed in the fields of decoration and event management, this face pushes human simulation to its limits, rivaling the beauty and feel of real female skin. Combining a silicone head and a tpe body, it has both a realistic face and a soft body, and is more affordable than a silicone case.

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