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FJDOLL Luxury Silicone Sexy Adult Dolls

From the beginning, FJDOLL has been famous for its production of all-silicone sex dolls and customized wax figures. Each FJ doll has a highly simulated appearance and delicate feel, winning the favor of many consumers. And can ship silicone sex dolls to all parts of the world and provide after-sales service, such as North America, the European Union, Japan, and Australia.

What is FJ Sex Doll?

FJ DOLLS is an emerging silicone doll manufacturer in China. It is made of full silicone material, highly realistic, and has ultra-realistic makeup and artificial blood vessel makeup painting technology. The models are very elegant and the realistic makeup is very high quality. FJ sex dolls has three series of products: wax dolls, all-silicone love dolls, and sex dolls with TPE bodies and silicone heads. Whether you prefer American sex dolls or Asian sex dolls, there is a realistic sex doll for you!

What are The Special Features of FJ Dolls?

  1. Fine Body Details
  2. The body structure of FJ sexdolls is usually designed based on real human body models, with accurate anatomical proportions, including bone and muscle details. The joints of a life size sex doll are usually movable, allowing the doll to assume a variety of natural poses and enhancing interactivity. The curves from the neck, shoulders to waist, hips and legs are very natural and smooth, imitating the body lines of a real person.

  3. Simulated Human Skin Texture
  4. The silicone material provides softness and elasticity close to real human skin. The surface may have fine textures and pores, and it feels delicate to the touch. The face has permanent makeup effects, such as eye shadow, blush and lip gloss. These details are achieved through fine 4-layer painting technology, which is durable and realistic.

  5. Realistic Private Parts
  6. The FJ love doll's breasts, anus and vaginal areas are designed to be very realistic, with fine details, including internal structure and external textures, designed to provide the most realistic experience.

FJ Silicone Sex Dolls

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