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ElsaBabe Sex DOLL - 3D Anime Adult Dolls

Elsa Babe is a Chinese doll brand specializing in the hentai silicone anime sex dolls. They have specialists used to work in the production of 3D animation and game design. Their goal is to bring out the beautiful anime girls to the real life.

What's ElsaBabe Dolls Look Like

    Realistic Anime Girl

Elsa Babe Sex Doll have large eyes and anime face heads. The look of their dolls are designed to look more like cartoon dolls rather than realistic human girls. For example, the popular Nami sex doll. All elsa sexdoll are made of the best-quality silicone material, which means she looks more three-dimensional in appearance and can be painted with exquisite makeup.

    Beautiful And Sexy Elf Girl

These elf sex dolls have exquisite facial features, small noses, big and lively eyes, and melon-shaped faces. Each piece is carefully designed to be both beautiful and authentic. Big soft breasts and tight openings provide an incredibly realistic experience.

    A Female with A Animal Head

Elsababe doll also have several sex dolls with animal heads. The sexy and voluptuous female bodies and exquisite animal heads look so unique and natural. Having sex with a fantasy silicone sex doll will definitely feel even better!

    BJD Style Doll

Esla Babe's female sex dolls are somewhere between anime and realism, with a unique style. Carefully sculpted to create a slender figure with voluptuous breasts, they have a variety of customization options to create your dream partner.

Creating the Perfect Elsa Babe Sex Doll for You

    Customize Your Doll's Appearance

Elsababe lets you build your fantasy. Once you find a base model you like, you can tweak the look to make it even more perfect.

You can choose from different skin tones such as White, Natural and Wheat. You can also add smaller details such as nipple color, lip color, vaginal lining texture, and hair transplants.

    Choose The Right Breast Size
Unlike ZELEX Doll, each model of Elsababe doll can choose breasts of different cup sizes to satisfy your fantasy of the most beautiful breasts. These breasts of different sizes can be upgraded to Gel-Filled breasts for free, which greatly improves the breast playing and squeezing experience.

    Function Upgrade
The Elsa Babe doll is perfect in its own right, but for those who want a little more surprise from their product, there's a bit of a fly in the ointment. Silicone dolls have no oral passages and cannot perform oral sex. To this end, the brand offers unique premium features that ensure you receive an even more perfect product.

  • Movabld Chin: This configuration has a lower jaw that can be closed freely and an oral passage. The depth is about 8cm, which can be used for oral sex.
  • Articulated Fingers: These will allow your toy to hold and grab onto things. These hands are jointed and malleable for extra fun.
  • Soft Body: The doll's body is made of new soft silicone material, which ensures a realistic appearance while improving the delicate touch.
  • Removable Vagina: The removable vagina makes it easier to maintain the doll's hygiene level. Choose the insert option to make your product last longer.
  • Body Painting: Through facial and full body makeup treatment, the sex doll will become more realistic and natural.
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