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Yearn Doll Premium Silicone Adult Sex Doll for Men

As an innovative brand company, Yearn sexdoll have unique advantages. They are excellent in production capacity, technical strength and service of sex dolls. Yearn is a sex doll brand that mainly focuses on silicone sex dolls. Their dolls can be customized with more advanced features, such as oral heating, Auto-Sucking Vaginal, and full-body skin textures. Yearn Doll is committed to recommending a silicone doll with a reasonable price and more complete functions to consumers.

Why are Yearn Sex Doll So Popular?

As sex dolls become more and more popular today, a high-end sex doll that can constantly bring you novel experiences has become the pursuit of people. Yearn dolls combine many latest sex doll configurations to launch high-quality sex dolls that are more in line with people. Yearn Dolls are favored by consumers because of their unique and advanced features.

    Personalized Function Upgrade
  • Realistic Oral Structure
  • Oral Heating Function
  • Auto-Sucking Oral Function
  • Auto-Sucking Vaginal Function
  • body Heating Function
  • Intelligent Multi-touch Pronunciation

  • Oral Heating Function & Auto-Sucking Oral Function is an advanced function unique to Yearn love dolls, providing you with a more realistic oral sex experience.

      Realistic Look

    Like the ZELEX Doll, the realism of Yearn models is second to none. This is what sets Yearndolls apart from other silicone sex dolls. As one of the first companies to incorporate automatic suction mouth and oral heating technology into sex dolls, you know you're getting one of the most realistic dolls on the market.

      Amazing Feel

    It has a realistic oral structure, can be heated to the most suitable temperature, and can automatically suck your penis. You can feel the stimulating pleasure just by imagining it. The oral cavity is the highlight of the Yearn real dolls. No matter how many times you try it, the real feeling will always drive you crazy. The ultra-realistic design makes it easier for you to have fun without being distracted by features that the manufacturer paid less attention to.

      Built to Last

    Unlike dolls made of TPE such as Funwest Doll, Yearndoll sexdoll use silicone material with more stable chemical properties. Silicone material is not easily corroded and can maintain its mechanical strength and elasticity for a long time. That way, it will last longer, which also means it will cost you less to own.

    The Difference Between Hard and Soft Heads of Yearndoll Sex Doll

      Advantages of Hard Silicone Head

    The advantage of the hard head is that the doll's head has a strong three-dimensional effect and can carve the details of the doll's head very well. It does not stain, and the makeup can be preserved permanently with special dyes. However, one disadvantage of the hard tip is that the silicone tip has no oral passage and cannot be used for oral sex.

      Advantages of Soft Silicone Head

    The soft silicone head is soft and has the same softness as the TPE head, and has a channel in the mouth for oral sex experience. At the same time, the soft silicone head can be upgraded to an artificial mouth sex doll, and an optional movable chin is also available.


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