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Heated Sex Dolls with Subcutaneous Heating Function

No one wants to have sex with a cold sex doll, but making it warmer is not an easy task. The traditional heating method of heated sexdolls has always had the disadvantage of too long heating time, but XT Doll provides new technology and solutions: subcutaneous heating system. This process can greatly shorten the heating time, making it easier for users to obtain emotional satisfaction and pleasure, making life richer and more interesting.

What is A Subdermal Heated Sex Doll?

Different from traditional heating methods such as Funwest Doll and ZELEX Doll, the subcutaneous heating function is the first of its kind in XTDoll. The subcutaneously heated love doll is based on the doll's ultra-lightweight process. Engineers place the heating network in a shallow layer 1cm away from the skin surface. This means that the heated love doll's heating system can quickly transfer temperature to the surface of the skin. Depending on the ambient temperature, it takes approximately 20-40 minutes for the body temperature to reach 39°C. No need to wait for a long time, you can get a better quality sex experience.

Why Buy A Heated Love Doll?

The warmth provided by a self heating sex doll can enhance the overall sensory experience, making it feel more real and lifelike. This can add extra comfort and intimacy to the close encounter with the doll. If you still want to hear moans, you can shop in the moaning sex doll category.

Warmth can help relax muscles and promote relaxation, making it easier for you to enjoy the experience. For those who live in cold climates or suffer from poor circulation, heating sex dolls can also provide physical comfort by keeping them warm during use.

Overall, heated silicone sex dolls offer a unique and immersive experience that is particularly appealing to those looking for a more realistic and pleasurable sexual encounter.