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Climax Dolls High Quality Male Masturbator for Sale

CLM Doll is an adult sex doll manufacturer established in 2015, the main products sold are various models of torso sex dolls and full-size adult dolls. The ClimaxDoll is made of medical-grade TPE/silicone material, and the carefully designed size has helped many people in need to achieve emotional and physical release in a safe, satisfying and discreet manner. The pictures taken of Climax sex dolls are even more integrated into the use scene, so that you can more intuitively understand the size of the product and how to use it.

The CLM Doll Product Range

  1. CLM Ultra Series
  2. The Ultra series is an all-silicone series, with texture and appearance closer to real people. Different from ZELEX Doll, the channel of CLM's silicone product is made of a soft channel. The material in the channel is different from the material of the body, which greatly enhances the sexual experience. At the same time, the Ultra series dolls have the following advanced features by default configuration.

    • · Free Weight Loss Version
    • · Free EVO skeleton
    • · Free Articulated Fingers
    • · Free Gel-Filled Breast
    • · Free Movement Chin
    • · Free Realistic Body Painting

  3. CLM Pro Series
  4. The Pro series are sex dolls composed of TPE body + silicone head. Each Pro series has high default configurations. Advanced configurations such as real oral structure, movable jaw, jelly milk, and finger joints are all free. Similarly, these adult sex dolls also have some soft channels to allow customers to get a more realistic feeling when using them.

  5. CLM Classic Series
  6. The classic series includes TPE sex dolls, sex torso and mini sex dolls. These products are closer to the tastes of most customers. Compared with other factories in the industry, CLM's mini dolls are more meticulous and refined in workmanship. The skeleton has the same joints as a real person, rather than some different hoses.

Why is ClimaxDolls So Popular?

  1. Different Shooting Styles
  2. Unlike the photos taken by most sex dolls, the photos taken by Climax torso doll are integrated into the usage scenes and are more like the photos shared by professional sex doll enthusiasts when using the product. Such pictures can better give consumers a clear idea of the doll's true size and the various fantasies surrounding its use.

  3. A Work of Ingenuity
  4. As the first brand of BBW sex dolls, CLM has specially designed the appearance and shape of some fat torsos or obese dolls: round and plump huge breasts and fat buttocks.

  5. Rich Sex Doll Types
  6. Like Funwest Doll, everyone has a perfect sex doll in their heart, which has a very sexy figure, attractive breasts, and charming lips. Climaxdolls offers a variety of styles of female dolls, allowing everyone to choose their favorite girlfriend doll.

  7. Stable Quality Control
  8. Every Climax sex doll undergoes strict inspection and quality control systems. CLM sexdolls' product quality control and excellent customer service are the reasons why they win praise from customers. Using a sex doll is a safe way to heal our long-suppressed sexual needs and release our stress.

Most Realisitc Climax Love Doll for Men

Life Size Climax Doll Torso

52.9LB Torso Sex toy
67LB Big Butt Leg Sex Dolls
67LB Fat Legs Sex Doll
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