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XYCOLO Sex Dolls - Premium Real Life Silicone Soft Touch

The XYCOLO Doll brand was established in 2018 and was highly praised as soon as it was launched, which mainly produces high-end silicone sex dolls. XYCOLO engineers continue to refine material technology and develop 4 types of silicone materials. They can give sex dolls more significant advantages than ordinary silicone materials in terms of softness, shaping, painting technology and skin resilience. Give your sex doll a more realistic makeup and a more realistic touch experience. If you are a person who pursues perfection, XYCOLO sexdoll is a choice you cannot miss.

ULOVERSDOLL.COM is the authorized sales agent of XYCOLO Brand.

The Differences Between the 4 Silicone Materials of XYCOLO Dolls?

According to the XYCOLO manufacturer's own naming, these four silicone materials are called: Organic Silicone Pro (OSPRO), Organic Silicone (OS), Platinum Silicone Pro (PSPRO), Platinum Silicone (PS).

The differences between these four types of silicone materials are mainly in Body skin Pigmenting, Pigmentig Sustainability, Simulated Muscle Layer, Skeleton, Weight, Silicone Skin Resilience, Softness Level, Oil Yield, etc. We can see their differences from the icons below.

XYCOLO Sex Dolls

Thanks to these silicone materials with different characteristics, XYCOLO siliocne doll not only has a very fine appearance design and body painting, but also has a touch and softness that is close to human skin. An aluminum alloy frame is also used to reduce weight and provide better controllability. Whether you prefer a BBW sex doll or a big ass sex doll, XYCOLO can provide you with the perfect silicone doll.

Why Buy XYCOLO Love Doll?

If you don’t know the difference between premium sex doll and ordinary sex dolls, please trust this brand that pays so much attention to the materials. XYCOLO has always been committed to the pursuit of "injecting soul into your doll and making it your perfect companion". The practice of this concept relies on top makeup artists and product engineers. Providing customers with the best value in high-end sex dolls, featuring a versatile combination of head and body styles, coupled with our famous precision-framed, easy-to-move superior mechanics.

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