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XY Sex Doll - Realistic Silicone Head + Affordable TPE Body

ULOVERSDOLL.COM is the only Authorized sales agent of XY Doll Brand in USA, which is the pioneer of silicone head + TPE body sex dolls.AS you know,compared with TPE materials, silicone is more realistic, and realistic sex doll is a future trend. However, silicone materials are often more expensive and unaffordable.XY doll combines the advantages of pure TPE and pure silicone, and at the same time abandons their disadvantages. It can achieve exquisite and realistic effects and make it more affordable for more people.

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XY Doll specialise in the production of high quality, ultra-realistic silicone heads to accompany their super soft TPE bodies. All XY Dolls are "Hybrid Dolls", meaning they combine a silicone head, with a TPE body, so you get the best of both worlds - A hyper-realistic face, with super soft naughty bits!