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For many years, Qita has been famous for its efforts in making sex dolls with the most realistic body shapes through human modeling. In order to meet the different needs of customers, these realistic sex dolls are made of full TPE, full T silicone or TPE body & silicone head materials. They are carefully designed and beautifully made, so no matter what your hobby is, Qita can surprise you!

Why Do So Many People Choose Qita Love Doll?

Qitadoll is an experienced sex doll manufacturer. The design of Qita sex dolls is perfect. The prototypes of each doll are based on real people. They have been modified to remove imperfect details. And the makeup is exquisite and very realistic. So many people who like real dolls will choose to buy their love dolls.

  1. Real Human Body Structure
  2. Unlike the Funwest Doll, because the Qita sex doll is 3D modeled by a real person, the position of the vagina and anus is consistent with the real person. No matter which sex position you want to perform, they are positioned so that you feel natural and comfortable. Especially the doggy style, there is no strange feeling at all. For those who value product experience, there is nothing more enjoyable than this!

  3. Flexible Skeleton
  4. Although the Qita sexdoll is a sex toy, the EVO skeleton inside the body can make it very vivid. You can move its eyes, adjust its body posture, and make various real-life actions to make it more attractive. Choosing a male sex doll with an electric dildo is also a great option for women and gay men.

  5. Sexual Performance Exerciser
  6. Because the Qita love dolls is so realistic and realistic like a real person, it is an excellent tool for practicing sexual movements and exercising your sexual abilities. For beginners, we recommend you get a torso sex doll. You don't have to worry about condoms, pregnancy fears or withdrawal when you choose a Qita sex doll. This toy gives you a constantly available body that you have complete control over, pace it at your own pace, and use it any way you want.

  7. Personalized Customized Service
  8. If you want to customize your own sex doll through photos and other methods, Qita provides personal customization services. You only need to provide a real photo, and Qita brand can help you fulfill your wish. You can get a preliminary understanding of this customization service through Qita's customization process.

    • · Confirm Model Prototype Through Photos
    • · 3D Modeling Design Draft Based on Photos
    • · 3D Printing of Sex Dolls
    • · Sex Doll Mold Making
    • · Products Customized Makeup and Hair
    • · Product Production
    • · Product Transportation

    Uloversdoll is confident that we can make a custom sex doll that satisfies you, but customizing a new sex doll is a time-consuming project, and the required costs are additionally calculated. If you really want to customize your sex doll, please contact us at [email protected]!

About Qita Sex Doll - Top Lifelike Sex Dolls Brand in China

Qita Doll is a top-class entity doll maker in Japan jointly established by Shenyang Beauty Advertising and Shenyang Jintu Design. ULOVERSDOLL.COM is the Authorized sales agent of Qita Dolls Brand in USA.We offer you most realistic sex dolls with a solid metal skeleton. This high-tech metal skeleton can achieve real human body movements, giving you an incredible authentic sex experience. Your real dolls will be able to move easily to a position that one can reach. All the full size TPE doll in our store can be customized according to your requirements. Size, eye color, hair color, hair length, skin tone, nails, replaceable vagina, oral and anal functions, etc., can be completely customized according to your preferences.


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