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XTDOLL Best Heating Silicone Sex Dolls for Men

XT sex dolls has always taken pride in its dedication to creating lifelike silicone sex doll. The company designs and produces high-end lifelike silicone adult dolls using the most advanced materials and cutting-edge technology. These XT real dolls feature stunning detail, from facial features to skin texture. They are designed to mimic the nuances of human anatomy and can be customized to suit individual preferences. This obsession with realism has greatly contributed to the popularity of XT Silicone Dolls among those seeking intimate companionship.

Customization of XT Sex Doll to Meet Unique Needs

One of XT Doll's main selling points is its commitment to custom sex dolls. Customers can personalize every aspect of the doll, from hair color and style to body shape and facial expressions. This flexibility ensures that each doll is tailor-made to meet the unique wishes and fantasies of its owner. It's this attention to detail that sets XT sexdoll apart in the industry and delivers an unrivaled level of customer satisfaction.

What Innovative Technologies are Used in XT Doll?

  1. Subcutaneous Heating Function
  2. Subcutaneous Heating Function

    Different from the traditional heating process, Based on XTDOLL's ultra weight reduction process, engineers place the heating network in a shallow layer 1cm away from the surface of the skin. This means that the temperature can quickly reach the surface of the skin. It tackes approximately 20-40 minutes for the body temperature to reach 39℃ depending on the ambient temperature.

  3. Interactive Feedback Legs
  4. Interactive Feedback Legs

    When you have in-depth communication with your XT Dolls, the legs of the ordinary doll are fixed. Due to the design of the skeleton hinge link, there will be no reaction due to your impact. But the interactive feedback leg will generate a back force due to your impact. The frequency of your continuous impact can make the two legs generate the same frequency as you, making the two legs move.

  5. Zero Reverse Thrust Vagina
  6. Zero Reverse Thrust Vagina

    We all know that the vagina of a life size sex doll is a closed space. When the penis is inserted, a closed space like an engine cylinder is formed, and the compressed air will encounter greater resistance when moving forward. The powerful counterthrust of compressed air makes the penis difficult to slide comfortably in the vagina. But XT-doll’s zero-reverse thrust vagina can effectively solve this problem. The clever design resembles a woman's uterus to mitigate the effects of air compression within the vagina. Double layers vaginal wall brings more comfortable tightness like a real vagina.

New Technology for XT Love Doll 164cm C-shaped body

removable fingernails
Simulated double-layer vaginal opening appearance

Different from ZELEX Doll and Irontech Doll brand silicone dolls, this 164C XT Doll has 2 novel designs, removable fingernails and Simulated double-layer vaginal opening appearance. This innovative design proves the engineers' intentions and also increases the playability of the sex doll.

XT 164C Sex Dolls

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