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Lifelike AI Sex Robot for Sale

Uloversdoll is the authorized reseller of AI-Tech Brand.

Our robot sex dolls are based on Android system,They are the perfect combination of computer technology, the Internet, new polymer materials and aesthetic art.They are better than prostitutes. You can directly fuck your real sex doll. The good thing about smart AI sex doll is that it can be easily calibrated to suit your needs to the character to do anything you like. When you and her foreplay, hugs, and kisses, you can match some sex moans to make your sex experience more real.

Smart AI Sex Doll is the Future of Adult Love Dolls

The advancement of modern technology has greatly changed people's lives. As a major breakthrough in today's world, artificial intelligence and 5G have brought more convenience to people. When people start to combine artificial intelligence and 5G with realistic silicone sex dolls, what are the results? The real android sex doll is the best life partner and a sexual partner in the future. These emotional creatures mimicking real human systems will help us solve many problems. According to experts, there may be such a batch of most advanced sexdoll to solve various problems for people in the future, such as cleaning, housework, medical care, etc. It is full of expectations.

Robotic Sex Doll can Help People Solve Many Problems

Having sex with a AI love doll is becoming more and more popular, and this way you can get relief. They are more human-like and can dominate and move according to your requirements. The era of fantasy movie character electric robots is finally realized today, and it was the first to enter the adult product market. It is incredible to get along with such a beautiful female sex robot, she is good at talking, learning all the human customs, to better understand us and help us solve problems. Real silicone ai sexual robot are expensive, they are more like real women and can maintain long-term close relationships.

Most advanced sex robot can also provide a level of emotional support to lonely people. AI-Tech sex robots are designed with intelligent interaction and emotional expression functions, which makes the moving sex doll no longer a sex toy, but an object that can be communicated and vented. Users can experience sexual pleasure in a controlled environment, relieve psychological stress, and avoid risks and privacy issues involving others.

The difference between AI-Tech T4.0 version and T4.0 + AI version

T4.0 version of the sex robot features:

  • 1. Rich facial expressions: smile, blink, eyeball turning, head turning, etc.
  • 2. Body 7-point touch pronunciation (English): chest (left/right) + both sides of thighs (left/ Right) + both sides of the arm (left/right) + lower body,
  • 3. Intelligent heating (body temperature 36~38.5 degrees Celsius),
  • 4. No need to connect to the network, ready to use, simple operation, practical functions,
  • 5. Two Holes available: vagina, anus. The robot love doll has a mechanism installed in its mouth that allows her lips to move when she talks, so the robot cannot perform oral sex.
  • T4.0 + AI version: It has all the functions of the T4.0 version. Some contents of the robot can be programmed through the background management system. The AI robot sex doll can talk, flirt or stimulate sexual emotions, anything you want. Robotic sex dollS also have sensors on their hands, genitals, head and chest. It helps the robot dolls "feel" when you touch it. The sex robot doll has its own heating system, which can heat it to a temperature close to the human body and feel warm to the touch.

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