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Angelkiss Doll is the manufacturer of the highest precision silicone sex doll on the market. Using advanced simulation software and unique manufacturing technology, it is manufactured with the latest environmentally friendly materials (silicon), making the skin on the surface of the model smooth, delicate and elastic. Details aside, Angelkiss sex dolls are known for making dolls that are flexible, dependable, and affordable. In recent years, we have produced figures with fanatical body types that transcend reality, such as realistic and ideal (i.e. ideal real women) styles to fantastical characters. In addition, WM Doll will also be the brand of the same factory.

Real Life Angelkiss Silicone Doll for Men
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Founded in 2022, Angelkiss Dolls is a brand new silicone sex doll brand under the Chinese company Jinsan, producing high-quality all-silicone sex dolls suitable for the US market. Angelkiss launched a line of adult female sex dolls that fit the American male aesthetic, pioneering the "ROS" feature, which stands for "Real Oral Sex." S198, S273, S266, LS59, LS60 silicone tip shapes have human-like teeth, tongue and uvula. Not only does it provide a more realistic oral sex experience, but it also makes the doll's face more expressive.

As WM's silicone brand, AngelkissDoll uses high-end silicone materials and focuses on creating all-silicone dolls that are very similar to human form in terms of appearance, texture and movement. Angelkiss love dolls are known for their high quality and realism, and positive reviews and word of mouth from customers also drive the popularity of the product. If you are a fan of WM sex dolls, Anglekiss will be the best choice for your first silicone doll!

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