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Premium Full Silicone ZELEX Sex Doll for Sale

Zelex is a new brand sex doll manufacturer established in 2013. ULOVERSDOLL.COM is the authorized sales agent of ZELEX Brand.

The Benifits of ZELEX Dolls

Zelex silicone sex dolls have a unique and lifelike appearance.The carving of wax gives the doll a hot body and an angelic face.All Zelex sexdolls are made from medical-grade platinum silicone, which makes the love doll highly durable and sanitary for long-lasting use.In Uloversdoll you can custom your ZELEX sexdolls,with various options to choose such as hairstyle,skin ton,etc, that makes it more realistic and satisfy your personal desire.

What is ZELEX Inspiration Series?

In 2023, ZELEX further upgraded its products, and the inspiration series came into being. This Inspriration series of sex dolls has the following five features:

  • 1. True restoration of oral structure;
  • 2. Pussy to suit individual needs;
  • 3. Human-like skin details not easy to fade;
  • 4. Softer breasts with real touch
  • 5. Kneadable gel butt.
  • In addition, personalized advanced customization functions such as the new EXP skeleton, clip suction function optimization, artificial mouth function, and removable vagina are also on the market. All this is to make ZELEX love dolls more realistic.

    The ZELEX doll brand has been committed to providing high-end silicone sex dolls, and has continuously developed new functions such as Moveable jaws, EXP skeleton and simulated oral cavity, which have been deeply loved by consumers. In addition, if you buy a completed ZELEX sexdoll, you will also get a silicone soft head for free. This soft head can choose other head shapes, and it also provides the function of oral sex.

    At the same time, the price of ZELEX silicone dolls is not very expensive, and many people can get sufficient budget by saving money. Yes, the price of ZELEX dolls is still very customer-friendly.

    Buy now and you will get 2 pieces of two silicone tips. One hard silicone head and one soft silicone head. The advantage of the hard head is that the doll's head has a strong three-dimensional effect, is not stained and is not easy to make up, and can well maintain the details of the doll's head. However, one disadvantage of the hard head is that the silicone head does not have an oral passage. The soft silicone head is soft and has the same softness as the TPE head, and has a channel in the mouth for oral sex experience. At the same time, the soft silicone head can be upgraded to an artificial mouth sex doll, and an optional movable chin is also available.