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Sex Doll Reviews From Uloversdoll Buyers

Uloversdoll buyers come from all over the world, they bought a variety of sex doll, They trust the quality of Uloversdoll, so they share their experience of using here.

Here is the love story of people and sex dolls, let us listen to people's sex doll reviews. You must be very curious about what happened after people bought sex dolls? What do these guys do with these dolls? Do they think of dolls as their own family? Did they overcome loneliness after having these dolls? They will share all the experiences of loving dolls, whether it is a good experience or a bad experience. After all, these dolls have become an inseparable part of their lives. Here, you can see how each sex doll collector lives with their sex dolls. These are the true portrayals of their lives. Do you want to be part of sex doll collectors?



May 02, 2020

sex doll review
Sex Doll Reviews of Frances : Blonde Giant Hip

This is an interesting TPE sex doll. Would be best used as an item that you lay on top of or over. It would be a bit too heavy to be used as a handheld unit. Feels very much like skin. Has a very soft feel. Openings are snug fitting as they should be for proper amount of friction. Excellent product for excellent price.


Cliente De

Apr 17, 2020

Reviews of BBW Sex Doll M Cup Huge Boobs

Uloversdoll.com is one of our favorite sex doll stores online. We’ve done a big write up about it which you can read here – ULOVERSDOLL. They specialize in luxury sex dolls that cost over $1100 and have a wide selection of high end BBW, fat and chubby sex dolls at their website. This is a great, legit sex doll store and their dolls are VERY nice and often highly customizable.


Joshua Ruy

Apr 09, 2020

Blonde Sex Dolls Review
Blonde Sex Dolls 166cm I Cup Review

Good evening, I purchased 158cm Sabine last time, but this time it reached 166cm. The Sabine was a wonderful work, but the 166cm Savannah I bought this time was also a wonderful work. This physical balance is an ideal promotion like never before, so I think fans are perfect. We think that we do not lose by buying.


Hilary Mark

Apr 06, 2020

sex doll reviews
Sex Doll Review 158cm H Cup Big Breasts Chubby

This big chest sex doll is high quality, feels soft and amazing! Worth ery penny! I would recommend this doll many times over,She is a really great sex dollvery fit with a ginormous breast and real nipples. They look extremely big and feels very realistic. She is a very unique gal.



Mar 19, 2020

big boobs love doll review
Sex Dolls Review for 170cm Realistic Big Ass H Cup

T I am enjoying her and it brings back the spice of our sex life. I like that she has perfectly rounded boobs and a very realistic jiggle on it. The delivery was incredible more about review stating Great! Great! Great Quality!y fast and I have a very smooth transaction with their customer support. Thank you so much ULOVERSDOLL and til our next transaction.


J. Schimansk

Mar 09, 2020

Sex Doll Review of 173cm Huge Breast

My first big boobs sex doll and I'm very happy. Good quality. I feel like the holes are not in the correct places but it still gets the job done. Just feels a little awkward compared to the real thing. Of course you also have to support 50 lbs of dead weight so that is awkward as well. DEFINITELY get the standing feet addon for these dolls. I feel like it shoulRead more about review stating Great dolld just be standard. It would be an absolute pain to move/dress/etc. if not for the standing feet (note: Although it is possible for the doll to stand on its own, it is very hard to balance it just right. The standing feet are more for assisting you for dressing the doll or other things...) When I got the doll, it was a bit shorter than I realized. However, I don't think I could handle a doll any bigger (mostly weight). But knowing what I know about the doll, I would still purchase it again. No regrets! Oh, and clothes are kind of a pain to find for this doll. Not exactly realistic measurements. You will find yourself buying kids clothes in some items and adult in other. And the ass is a bit big for the kid-sized waist and legs.


Hilary Daniel

Mar 05, 2020

o cup sex dolls review
O Cup Sex Doll Big Chest Review

For me, it is important to have quality and the switch delivered. Uloversdoll TPE sex doll is odorless, feels good! Resilience is good. The high molecular weight TPE material has better resilience. The thermoplastic elastomer has environmental protection, non-toxic safety, wide hardness range, excellent coloring property, soft-touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, and excellent processing performance. No need for vulcanization, processing efficiency is higher than rubber, can be recycled to reduce

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