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Realistic Life Size Sex Doll for Men

The Uloversdoll Official is an online store of adult sex doll. We are committed to providing the best sex toys on our website. Our realistic sex dolls inspire people to feel more about themselves and explore self-pleasure.We are proud to offer a wide range of premium products that satisfy your every need. Whether you are looking for a lifelike sex dolls for companionship or an adult toy for solo play, we have something for everyone.

Ever-evolving Sexdoll

As real love sex dolls manufacturers continue to research and innovate, advanced features are constantly being developed. These advanced configurations make adult dolls more realistic and easier to operate, and also enhance customers’ experience and fun during use.

  1. ROS - Realistic Oral Structure
  2. The emergence of ROS has redefined high-end sex dolls. Sex dolls with ROS structures would have the same teeth, tongue and uvula as humans. Usually, the ROS structure adds a metal part with a movable jaw, so that the full body sexdoll can open and close its mouth, which greatly improves the beauty and playability of the full size sex doll.

  3. Oral Heating Function
  4. This newly developed feature can be upgraded in silicone doll series such as Irontech Doll and Yearn Doll. It only needs to be heated for 25-30 minutes, and the doll's mouth can reach about 37 degrees Celsius, providing you with a warm and moist oral environment and giving you a real oral sex experience.

  5. ROS Head with Oral Sex Function
  6. Based on ROS, Irontech Doll can also be upgraded to an robot sex doll with automatic oral sex function. The constant sucking mouth will tightly wrap your penis, continuously stimulating your pleasure and making you crazy!

  7. Auto-Sucking Vaginal
  8. Similar to the function of auto-Sucking oral, electric vagina can bring you an unparalleled real intercourse experience. Coupled with the moaning function, it is no different from real sex.

  9. More Details to Customize
  10. ZELEX Doll has undergone a new round of upgrades, including many lifesize sex doll body details as customizable options. Including the length and diameter of the vagina and anus, eyelashes, freckle types, etc. you will be able to find a sex doll that suits your penis size, and you will be able to carefully design and perfect more details, and ultimately become an impeccable one in your mind The best sex dolls.

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Realistic Sex Dolls
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Seeing is believing, What you see is what you get.

Premium sex dolls material

First, Uloversdoll store promises to offer the best sex dolls. Includes high end silicone dolls and realistic tpe dolls. The silica gel material used in the lifelike silicone doll is a non-toxic, non-polluting material with high softness and other advantages. It is a highly active adsorbent material, which is an amorphous material with high adsorption performance, good thermal stability and stable chemical properties. High mechanical strength and flexibility. Therefore, it is widely used in adult sex products, and it is a realistic silicone sex doll that more realistically displays the body's posture. The tpe doll is made of a thermoplastic elastomer. The tpe material has high strength, high resilience, injection molding, environmental protection, non-toxic safety, and excellent coloration. It is the skin of the real sex doll, the chest, buttocks and any parts are very reality. All realistic sex dolls for men or women are made by one-to-one real-life, the skin feels real, has enough elasticity, and the chest and buttocks are soft. Facial makeup is done by a master of design with 30 years of modeling experience. It ensures the realistic level of all silicone adult dolls and enhances the real feeling of sex experience.

Each dolls uses a new technology metal skeleton inside. This is a stainless steel high-precision double-shaft gear-like human body joint skeleton, which is not easy to wear and loose, so our girl sex doll can do all the sexual movements of the real person and are durable. Make your love dolls live longer. The many advantages of Uloversdoll sexy dolls make your sexual experience closer to reality. Each doll's hair is a wig that can be replaced, so you can have different styles of real sex doll. Sexual dolls are assembled from the head and body. The head is detachable. The available parts include the mouth, vagina and anus. You can practice blowjob, cumshot, and anal. For big breasted dolls, breastfeeding is possible.

Life size sex dolls for sale guarantee in Uloversdoll

  • 1.Product Safety
  • Uloversdoll sells new custom-made lifelike TPE dolls, 100% new silicone dollS and tpe dolls use high quality materials, strictly comply with safe production processes, and fully comply with safety and quality standards from materials to manufacturing processes. Our realistic sex doll have passed CE, FDA, RoHS safety certification.

  • 2.Payment Security
  • Uloversdoll has been verified by SSL in the Linear sexy sex dolls Store to ensure secure payments. We offer a variety of secure payment methods, including PayPal and Visa, debit and credit cards. Your payment bill will not reveal the nature of the product on the bank statement.

  • 3.Privacy Security
  • Uloversdoll uses state-of-the-art data encryption technology to keep your personal information from leaking. We will store your data in full and will not tell third parties. Due to the nature of the product, we will provide you with the best privacy protection. The package will not contain any words referring to the nature of the product, privately delivered to your address, and the nature of the product will not be covered in the bank statement.

    Life size sex dolls delivery methods

    All lifelike adult dolls enjoy free shipping.All of our life size sex doll undergo a number of quality checks before leaving the warehouse, ensuring that the sexiest sex doll delivered to your hands are perfect and there are no flaws.We offer fast logistics services, UPS and DHL delivery methods, and fast delivery for 10~15 days. The exact time depends on where you are.

    Our real sexy dolls for sale is the actual price paid, there are no hidden fees, customs fees and VAT are borne by Uloversdoll. We are a professional realistic sex dolls online store, there is no fraud problem, please rest assured to buy! If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

    al can make the big butt doll full of elasticity and bring you an amazing sexual experience.

    With the development of the real sex doll industry, realistic sex toy are quickly accepted by society. Sex products that were once considered taboo are now considered a good purchase, high quality products or a couple of dolls. Today, the real size sex dolls looks more like a real woman, whether it's makeup, skin touch, or sex experience.

    How to find the right sexy dolls for you?

    First of all, you need to consider the size of the doll. There are full size realistic sex doll in Uloversdoll. You can buy a lifelike sex doll of the same size as a real human. This is the ideal choice for those seeking the most authentic sexual experience. You will find that all of these sexy dolls have been beautifully displayed and seem unbelievable. More importantly, the moment when sexual experience really feels very real.

    You may be difficult to find a good place to store and hide your dolls, if you want a more compact sexdolls, you can buy about full size sex dolls.

    In addition to height, you may consider the size of the breast

    Since we are talking about the size of the sexy sex doll's chest, it is worth mentioning that the real adult sex dolls also offers a variety of chest cups. You may prefer adult breast dolls, so you should find a sexual doll with this beauty in our small chest dolls category. If you like big breast dolls, you can get the lifelike big boobs sexy doll you want here.

    Finally, before you decide to buy sexy dolls, you need to consider the realistic sex dolls price.

    If you have a good budget, you can buy high end silicone dolls, or intelligent real dolls, or a high-quality wm brand tpe dolls. These expensive sex dolls have a more realistic look, every detail of the skin and vagina. When the light is off or the eyes are closed, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between this and the real woman. In fact, the buy baest dolls sold by uloversdoll are already mobile, swinging their heads and eyes like real people, and built with real life materials, often using high-end metal skeletons. For a custom high end sex doll, you might see more money. Of course, there is an advantage here. You will be fully in control and able to get what you want. With a reality vagina, mouth and anal cavity, you may prefer this adult sexy doll.

    Of course, you can also get a more affordable sexy love dolls, these cheap realistic sex doll can still feel very real. There are also a variety of different colors and styles. No matter what style of real size doll you need, we will provide you with the highest quality love dolls, realistic makeup and skin guarantee to give you the most authentic sexual experience.

    You can completely customize your own lifelike sexy dolls in our store. If you have been thinking about buying real dolls, you may already have a specific idea of what you are looking for. For example, eye color, hair color, body shape and size, japanese,european,or black sex dolls. If you know exactly what type of sexy sex dolls you like, a fully custom designed love doll may be your best choice. Because you will be able to get exactly every little detail you want.

    ULOVERSDOLL high-quality TPE love doll comes with three realistic deep holes (mouth, anus, vagina)that can mimic real sexual relationships and become your best sexual partner.For those who lose trust in human sexual relationships, lifelike sex dolls give them hope for sex and are full of desire for sex. Sex dolls have the ability to provide more than human ability. There is no limit to a true solid sex doll, making them the best choice for trying the extraordinary style you've always fantasized.

    The love sexy doll's compliance and flexibility allow for the ability to try some sexual stunts without having to chat or contract sexually transmitted diseases. This is the ultimate way to experience the joy you dream of. Having a real sex doll can provide you with the sexual comfort you need, and it can help a person get back on track and provide the basis for learning.

    Our dolls have passed various strict tests of EN71 in Europe and FDA in the USA,It means that our sex dolls materials are SAFE and NON-toxic, HARMLESS to humans, You can use them with confidence.As technology advances, Uloversdoll sexy sex doll manufacturers have improved their appearance, improved appearance and easy-to-clean access, making it even more realistic.

    The real life sex doll is your exclusive toy, there is no way to spread the virus, this is a very good thing, in addition to the safety and ready-made availability provided by sex on dolls, having a realistic doll may be a cheaper option. Because lifelike adult sex dolls are paid for one time. In addition, sex dolls will not entangle you, will completely obey you, fulfill your desire for any sexual posture, her purpose is to let you get the best sex experience.

    Yes, your order is safe, we use a private package, carefully shipped, and the outer layer of the package does not contain any product-specific labels.
    Yes, we are the selection of dolls made of medical grade silicone, it is very soft, real sex doll limbs can be completed human movements, real person body movements can be tried.
    After every time sex love, she will be cleaned and maintained periodically. Keep the lifelike silicone sexy doll in a dry place. Avoid overheating and humidity.
    We receive your payment, your realistic sex doll will be produced in the first time, production 3-5 days, transportation 5-7 days, delivery time is 8-12 days. Delivery time depends on your region.
    Yes, you can customize your adult sex dolls to your liking. For most dolls, we offer many body part options to customize her contours (eyeballs, skin tones, hairstyles, vaginal types). Completely customize your own sexylove doll.
    Our lifelike sex dolls use a 100% articulated metal skeleton that mimics the joints of the human body, ensuring that the realistic sex dolls are sturdy, while also making the doll's limbs more flexible and able to swing real body movements.
    realistic sex doll for sale
    About Uloversdoll

    ULOVERSDOLL was founded in 2010.We provide the most high-quality sex dolls in a market. We take pride in our user’s experience with our dolls. All our lifelike sex dolls are manufactured according to the most demanding quality standards. ULOVERSDOLL is the owner of the DL brand, and ULOVERSDOLL successfully registered the DL brand in the EuropeanUnion in July 2019.

    At the same time, we have also established a good cooperative relationship with well-known sex doll brands such as WM Dolls,Irontech Doll,JY Dolletc.We have obtained sales licenses for these brandsThe dolls are hand sculpted by professionals who spend a lot of time to highlight every detail. Our goal is to find the best doll so you can make your dreams come true, and to achieve this, we have partnered with the

    leading manufacturers in China to offer you the best models, prices and customization options. Whether you are looking for TPE Dolls, Silicone Dolls, we are your best choice. Our team will make sure to guarantee the best customer experience and ensure that we offer you the doll that best suits your needs.

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