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POSTED ON July 12,2021

4woods left knee repair

So,as with several other owners that I have found in repair threads in various forums, the knee had separated at the joint.I knew this at the time of purchase, although four years old on purchase, its as the previous owner said the doll had very little use.This can be confirmed by virtually none of the black metal dust seen in older doll joints So now to open up and fix it.Basically its a simple reassemble of the components,it would appear that the nut comes undone and the joint seperates.Strangely all the others I have found with the same problem its is the same left hand knee.Somehow rotating the lower  leg joint undoes the nut , the nut was found in the plastic tube of the thigh.In the last photo where the arrow is there is a hole drilled there already so I drilled through both nut and bolt and fitted a roll pin so it cannot come undone again.Just to make sure the bolt and nut where glued as well !Then for the first time I tried Permatex windshield flowable silicone, being very easy to apply after cleaning the wound with acetone.And it seems to work really well not leaving ridges or unevenness as with thicker tube siliconeAs always the photosArrow shows where roll pin fittedHope this can be of help if others have this problem sex dolls for men The first zone is used to make a humanoid skeleton. Each skeleton consists of more than 100 parts. We can see more fixed molds on the frame of iron. It looks like an auto parts production line. If you first see this scene was even a little scary.

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full sketon sex doll

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