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POSTED ON July 15,2021

Real doll body 2 knee problem fixed

I had a problem with a Real doll body 2 knee joint, which I seem to have fixed fairly easily, although as I write this the glue is still drying: And Yet More Doll Maintenance sex dolls for men Of course, how can you let the doggy if you want a really sexy stimulation? Making make doll kneeling on his knees on the bed surface, and fold so as to make his face down. The arms of the sex doll should be raised a little over his head to balance his body in position. Spread the legs of a little sex doll back to maintain balance so that the doll does not fall. Enter from behind and pumped hard or smooth, as desired. If you are more into rough sex, dog position gives you an added bonus of being able to spank your sex doll, just as you would to your partner. Pay attention to the protection and friction, your knees dolls as soon as you finish, straighten the doll in a neutral position to avoid long-term damage.

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This stunt was something new. However, there were other unacceptable images that are deeply offensive for the supporters of Rangers. silicone sex doll Robot (and robot technology) are manufactured in a variety of industries, it has already played an important role in high-speed packaging, and processing. From the television program to the actual application, artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of human life.

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Before use, you must ensure that the environment is clean, because if the sex doll is stained, it is difficult to clean, especially clothes, you must wash several times before wearing to ensure that they will not fade. Second, TPE Or that the silicone material is soft, they are not smooth, so you must use lubricant body fluid first and then wear a condom, which can isolate certain bacteria. You can get more information on how to use sex dolls here.

Try not to jerk while lifting and moving your doll as this can make it harder to control safely.

Shin Takagi is a pioneer in this field. He founded the company to produce the 5-year-old girl / boy of anatomically correct counterfeit goods. These children like a real sex doll will help to fight the sexual abuse of a real child.