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POSTED ON September 28,2021

Care when moving her around (Updated with pics)

Hi there!I think this is my first post here, even if I've been reading a lot while waiting for my doll.Yesterday it arrived (I meant, "she"), so I guess this is my definitive introduction to this community. I hope to be able to post some pictures soon. It's a 161cm E-Cup TPE.Thing is, I'm VERY worried (not to say scared) about moving her. In the instructions sheet it mentioned not to lift her from the floor with legs straight, or "waist will break". It also mentioned not to push too hard on her back I think, or same will happen.It took me 20 forever minutes to take her from the box. I tried with legs up and pick her up, but it's really heavy (36 Kg I think), and I was also on "panic mode" about the waist.Finally I managed to put her on the couch and started powdering her. Every time I had to turn her around a bit to help me try some outfits, was a real effort.I even tried to get her standing, and even if I managed (while still holding), I heard the cardboard cracking under her feet screws and I didn't have the courage to try letting her stand on herself, it felt as if it was going to collapse without me holding her (maybe I'm too weak? )Anyway, I put her on a chair, and finally laying on the couch overnight to not damage the TPE. After a night sleep, believe me, my body hurts as if I did some crossfit or something.So basically, my question is... is there any "safe" way of moving her around?1- If I want to lift her from the couch (legs up for instance), should I put my hands under her back and thights? It's just that moving under them I feel the TPE rub my skin and I'm not sure if I can break it.2- When oiling her on the couch, to turn her to the other side (back to front for instance), which body parts are safe to push without breaking something? Should I push from shoulder + ass for instance? (Today it's the water cleaning + oil + powder day...)3- Most importantly... how HARD do I have to be to break her? Maybe I took the notice too seriously?4- Any advices on how to put her on an standing position? I tried it from laying on couch straing, but it was a huge effort to lift her, turn her in the air to vertical position, while also thinking I was destroying the TPE while holding her weight with my hands! I was thinking on maybe using a plank (with protection), so I could lay her there and then lift up?Thanks in advance!Regards.UPDATE:As promised, here are 3 pics. Forgive the shitty quality and the mess of the hair.Here she is: Here a closeup of her face: And here with a top I just improvised with an old t-shirt of mine. A bit loose, but sexy (while I wait for other clothse to arrive): sex dolls for men The ones among us who say they’re satisfied with their under-the-sheet time also report feeling good about themselves more often than the quarter of us who are dissatisfied.

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