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POSTED ON September 28,2021

Thigh Separation - previously 'Beware Leg Extension'.

I am posting this thread to make members aware of the danger of Hyper extension of Sinthetic legs and because it seems my doll (Cami) is not the only one affected.The dolls are moulded in a neutral or stable position ie with the legs flexed forward. I cannot find the photos of the Sinthetics recently out the mould but I know there are some somewhere so I hope you understand the position I am talking about.If one straightens the leg in line with the body (Extension), whether it be lying one her back, lying on her front or hanging on her stand upright (and there are many photos showing dolls in these positions) there is a risk that the inner silicone connecting the butt foam and thigh foam can separate leaving a gap inside.As happened with Cami.She has actually had this for some weeks while I have waited for info and materials from Sinthetics. During that time Cami has been used for both sex and photography so it has not affected her function. I just keep her in the stable position ie with the leg slightly forward (flexed) when not in use.I think I know which photo pose (yet to be seen - this month hopefully ) may have 'extended' her leg too much but I am not sure as I did not notice the separation until much later so maybe it is unrelated.It seems the 'seal' coat is all that is keeping it from being an outside tear.Following advice from Matt at Sinthetics this is basically what to do.I will make one small cut (about 1" or 2.5cm) horizontally from near the seam. I will use a popsicle stick (flat wooden stick as used with ice creams) coated with silicone, insert the stick into the cut and carefully coat both areas (top and bottom) of the gap with the silicone. I will then remove the stick and put cami in the 'stable' position to close the gap so the silicone can stick the separated parts together. I will seal the cut with a very small thin bit of silicone wiping off any excess silicone on the outside. And leave it to set for at least 24 hours.She will have a scar. All my girls have scars.I am currently working up the courage to do the surgery.muz sex dolls for men When you need a good sex doll, look no further than Cloud uloversdoll. We offer a range of advantages over our cut-rate competitors, such as domestic availability that avoids import hassles. Additionally, we use clean, non-toxic materials that provide a realistic feeling sure to keep you coming back for more. When you take good care of a Cloud uloversdoll sex doll, it’ll feel like the first time for a long time. Thanks to our new brochure sex doll guide, you’ll be well informed on what it takes to get the most out of your investment.

One of the biggest fear of husband and wife faced, is to become a parent. This is because, many of them is because not ready to take responsibility for the children. Because they just want to enjoy every moment of their relationship, this will be another reason to buy a sex doll. These dolls are designed only to give satisfaction to you, you can use them without any problem at any time, anywhere. Since there is no fear, you can freely sexual intercourse. Ejaculation is no longer a risk to humans, is that fun is to do every day. Because who wants a pure sex without interference or hesitation, but some people who buy only the sex doll. lifelike Sex Dolls Men prefer a sex doll that is wobbly and soft during sex. But the silicone sex doll will not wobble when you rock it back and forth during sex as would other sex doll materials.

Basically, lubrication cuts off the friction between penis and vagina when penetrating and so there’s no pain to intervene between the two. It makes the satisfying night comfortable for the lovers who are making love. silicone sex doll She bought Gabriel in 2015 when the idea of male sex dolls was fully conventionalized. Before then, women were stuck with vibrators and dildos, while men had all the fun with life-size sex dolls. Today, male sex dolls have hit the market with a big thud, and they are selling like crazy, flying off the counter at almost the same speed as the female sex dolls. All this is thanks to revolution and demystifying odd beliefs on women and sex dolls.

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Being heavy handed, using excessive force or moving beyond the recommended range will damage the outer layer of the doll and you have to be mindful of this with the EX-Lite. The outer layer is more delicate that Silicone or TPE because it is just a different product.

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Being the country where most of the world’s manufactured goods come from, it comes as no surprise that China has a factory that is a viable contender as the world’s largest sex doll factory.

Depending on the customization and technology related to it, but you may go to the forefront of artificial intelligence, the price of "love doll" is a 1000~70,000 euro. In most cases customers will pay 5,000~7,000 euro in order to meet all of fantasy (not just sexual) with these new consumer objects unparalleled. Depth signs of the phenomenon: all of the mass media, including the French, and the interesting of these love doll cases, already investigating the development of a new field of sex technology "Sex Tech". In order to discuss the prowess of these new life-size sex toys, passionate forum has flourished in some countries.

The TPE sex dolls are a bit tricky to clean since you cannot sterilize them. Their soft skin is highly sensitive to heat, and too much heat causes it to meltdown, losing its consistency. This means it is only possible to clean it in moderately warm water that cannot possibly kill all the germs anyway.