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POSTED ON July 7,2021

Question about realistic body painting. Washable?

Hi, I just ordered a JiuSheng Doll and with realistic body painting as I find this upgrade really adds realism to the doll.So my question is,before with my older doll (which has no such feature back then), I always took her to shower and then apply baby oil then powdered.For this painting upgrade, is it safe to wash and applying baby oil/Vaseline to doll? Will it be washed/faded away? sex dolls for men If you are a lover of girls that have innocent and child-like facial features, then Dana is the girl to go for. Her skin is so soft and tender, and her face has beautiful and extremely enticing features. Her eyes are big and loving to look at, with realistic pupils, just like real eyes look when staring back at you.  Her anus is also realistic; anal sex with her would feel like that with a real person. If you love the irresistible feel of a real vagina, try her out today, and you will be orgasming all the days of your life. You can get her at sexdollgenie.

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