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POSTED ON July 7,2021

For the Love of minis! Introducing Sarah!

I know this model is over a year old but she is quite a stunner the cream of the crop when it comes to mini dolls! Big bouncing boobs a butt like what and according to the mods still a very adult looking face. She didn't arrive without damages though her neck is kind of bent so she permanently looks a bit to the right and like all my other dolls lately she arrived with foot damage which I have to fix with a primer paste. Still I wanted to share a few shots of her and see what you guys think!I chose the tan model with dark pink nipples but they did kind of fade after the first washing and oilingThe next post I'll share a few shots of the damages. sex dolls for men Height: There is a sex doll and the body type of the full-size Race: Here is a Japanese type, African-Americans, there is the United States of dolls Body size; large, medium, large curve: Typical or fantasy of love dolls Tits difference The size of the ass male or female Skin Type: TPE or silicone

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(2) Naming convention: if you were there, trying to find realistic sex dolls that hide the eyes next to me in Japan, one you might be asked to look for "Dutch women." You read correctly; this is what they sometimes call their dolls in Japan, all thanks to the Dutch sailors. Legend has it that the sailors should be attributed to the invention of sex dolls to their individual needs, and therefore unconventional name. silicone sex doll But to play in S & M had thought always with what it feels like, or did not have it with a ball? Now, try a submissive side, or not to use the services of digital Dominatrix, is simply pretend you are using the services of digital Dominatrix, the best time for without the dinner go to bed alone . Alternatively, it can also be trained to become online Dominatrix yourself. In the class that begins 150 pounds per hour, London Dominatrix School is the perfect place to start.

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