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POSTED ON Feb 23,2021

After the great epidemic of doll industry

The epidemic caused by the lack of people, it is understandable to see more than a century of its kind last occurred before. In all economic sectors have been affected, resulting in a variety of government intervention. Moreover, although the economy has finally opened, we are still in an influenza pandemic, and there is no exact date we can go back to our normal lives. cheap sex doll "We started in 2015. The first was hard because I sold one a month. Today, that number has increased from 30 in the monthly average to 40. People asked a lot of things, not ashamed. I have to have a client to collect them, you have more than 10 people. they sent me a photograph to me, you took us for a walk, "said Javier says.

For dummy of the main applications is the display, it will not be variations of the model increases. Most of them, the color of the same body, is typical of the size of the height, and body. The main difference is the sex doll. Here we examine the wide range of choices that are managed by the appearance and usage. torso sex doll You kiss in real life - if you want to kiss bang bang, you need to stun the girl. And, even in person to a great kiss, people not a person to a bad kiss, will give you a bang. Please consider the practice of kissing in sex doll, such as weight training. You become accustomed After a while, the muscles and the body, but it makes it easier, better results can be obtained. In addition, if your future girlfriend was cheating, you is "Screw you, my sex doll anyway than you did a good kiss is also" always would say.

Cleaning of the process is almost the same. To access to her more difficult place inside, there are times when additional bottle cleaning brush is needed.

In fact, a lot of people are rather shy from really deep sexual fantasies that they crave. People will do this for a variety of reasons. They It might shy rejection or ridicule, or in their training there may be a hand of play. Without having to find an outlet for releasing their fantasy, they might they put a burden on all other activities involved. This can be understood that that might occur for a number of reasons. For example, culture, background, by religion, you may open communication with partners is limited. silicone sex doll So while we are accustomed to using the term "sexual addiction", some researchers prefer to use the term 'libido control disorder "and" compulsive sexual behavior. "

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A silicone love doll is a great way to fulfill your sexual fantasies on a partner who is willing to anything you can throw him - and who increasingly demand. Sex with a sex doll has no limits and you can live your deepest and darkest fantasies - without fear of rejection or punishment for your behavior.

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There are currently two body materials consumer doll silicone and TPE. Their advantages and disadvantages are obvious. The smell, durability and silicone makeup are much more than TPE dolls, but the silicone main problem is the price.

Sex addicts can have all kinds of thoughts "sex" that cross the head from time to time, be it at a working meeting, on the bus, or at a party with friends. Probably just can not wait to start. Masturbating in the bathroom or in public when no one else is available to have sex with.