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POSTED ON May 5,2021

Rin - Akira 150 b - amateur photography of her ; u ;

hello, starting a thread to appreciate my girl Naomaki Rin. please just call her Rin (:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------she's:Piper Doll's Akira 150cm b-cupwith their W-9 (the long, dark brown looking option, and likely some more to come)MannequinFan's EME set with MF03A, MF18, MF34, MF04, and likely more to come.. (though i did order her with green eyes) if i'm not mistaken with the order of MF##s... these are the brighter brown, green, arctic blue, and yellow eyes.she was order with pink manicure, but i don't think i appreciate them much, so they'll likely come off soon.her lips were ordered as glossy, but it seems that too will come off soon, imho, i like the natural pink that fades anyway. (though, i'll have to do some makeup work so her lips can at least be appreciated in photos too.from there, i chose pink for everythingno pubic hairbuilt-inand importantly, EVO Skeleton and standing feet (:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------my photography is currently only done by phone, however i am looking to invest into a camera eventually. i'll likely mention it in this thread when i do get myself a camera.the lighting is actually done by two $7 LED lamps and my "better" LED desk lamp. whatever works right?here's the link to my Doll Album index, it'll also be in the signature..dollalbum dollgallery i ... ?cat=15209p.s. all the photos i share here are links directly to their Doll Album page.alright, enjoy (:1) this photo was part of the unboxing set of photos,but i forgot about how much i liked this one. simple and pretty2) here is me figuring out how positioning the headand eyes can make one look more dangerous compared to before.3) here is me after combing her wig for 30 minutesbecause it was therapeutic and then randomly making her look at her toes4) an entire night went by and this is her in one of her outfit combinations.though, i'd love to get some new shoes for her. i also love the EVO skeleton, and standing feet (:5) and here is the position i left her in,when i went to my classes. it seems she likes my whales. oh, it seems i took off her nails by this point sex dolls for men Many companies went bankrupt and sold their content to people like Pornhub, who set free on the Internet.

One day, the woman accidentally saw the little doll on our website and was immediately attracted. They were exactly like real people. The couple ended up buying a small sex doll that looked more like their daughter. lifelike Sex Dolls But just because your love doll is made out of high-quality material does not mean that you no longer have to clean and sterilize it.

TPE sex dolls are amazing, soft, and super flexible. But they are not for everyone. Instead of investing so much on a TPE sex doll only to come home and kill her with a lack of service, you may think of spending in a different type of sex doll. The TPE sex dolls belong only to people who can service and appreciate them adequately.

After testing one of Marcela and other dolls in the brothels of Dortmund, is but I am not come back all of the guest, and EvelynSchwarz says. The are enjoying sex with doll is only about 60% of the guests, according to their statement, be able to incite the imagination when interacting with the sex doll is the only guest. silicone sex doll Welcome to COVID-19 after sexuality. There is no going back (who also did not want it).

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"The second generation of robots Sex Doll DS will probably removable members and a similar IA to Siri and Alexa."

Japanese sex doll tumblr

The new breast option called “Gel Breasts” gives really soft and bouncy true to life breasts on your doll.

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