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POSTED ON May 7,2021

Behind the Scenes photoshoot lighting setup.

Hey all.I got asked the other day if I had any tips I use when photographing dolls and how I get such great balanced lighting and make the dolls look quite real. I thought I’d post up a couple of photos showing the lighting setup I used on a recent shoot that will be posted up soon.The first photo shows pretty much the setup I’ve used with 2 studio lights, softbox and a second light with a grid and diffuser cover higher up and off to the side and rear of the doll. The backdrop really adds to the shot. Of late, I haven’t used a backdrop much but for this shoot it was needed. Having my main light really close to the model eliminates any shadowing. The closer the light the better. I was able to take the shot with the softbox just out of frame. With the light being so close, it provides a beautiful even wash of light over her face with the second light giving a backlight on her left side. The key to making the girls look real is to pose them like a real person. That way they will look more natural in the shot. Is set this shot up and took a phone shot to show the setup. The second shot is the final edited shot to show the result. This is the lighting setup I use in most of my shoots.There is always the debate with studio lights vs natural light, I’ve done both, but I always favour studio lighting as I can control the end result to how I like. This is the lighting setup.The edited end result. sex dolls for men As for the services and the ordering experience, you’ll be glad to know that customer service is extremely helpful and quite quick to respond. The site itself is also easy to navigate, so figuring stuff on your own will be easy. With the shipping and payment, everything is fairly straightforward and discreet; nothing to object about.

Your TPE sex doll budges in when pressure is exerted on it. Unlike silicone sex dolls that stay in shape until the end, the TPE sex dolls may lose shape easily, as long as you exert pressure on them. lifelike Sex Dolls Role-playing is one of the best ways to make love with your sex doll to create your wildest sexual fantasies. You can also dress up for the role play to create excitement in your lovemaking. You can play as Romeo and Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, King and Queen, Pocahontas and John Smith, and tons of other options you can imagine and you will never run out of ideas to role play. Take some inspirations from movies or porn that has a hot sex scene that you want to reenact. Get kinky and creative as you try out things from softcore to hardcore.

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Rubber sex doll tumblr

All the prosthetic breasts are crafted to comfortably fit over your chest, shoulders, and halfway down your torso. The top of the piece extends up to your neck to create a seamless look. This unique design also allows you to pair any of our prosthetic breasts with a female face mask to complete the look!

Rubber sex doll tumblr

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The sex doll was considered pretty much taboo a few years ago. The brave ones who tried it back in the day were greeted to a product that screams of poor quality. Older models looked cheap, with its balloon-like feel and very limited features. They were balloons made to look like us. It was horrible and was not as good in all aspects.