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POSTED ON June 24,2021

Clothing Alterations. A dummy's journey. The girl skirt

Welcome to part 3 of Daria's clothing alteration series. Daria, like many dolls, has lots of clothes that "almost" fit. Her and I know nothing about sewing, but how hard can it be to make simple alterations to outfits? This series documents our voyage of discovery. In Part 1 we learned how to use our Dressmaker II sewing machine - Part 1 - The Sewing Machine.In Part 2 we attempted to alter a bra - Part 2 - The Bra. So here we are at ...Part 3 - The girl skirt.When Daria first moved in, I bought her a women's small girl skirt. I love it, but it's too big. It wraps around me twice. It's also too long.It keeps falling down, exposing my booty.The first step is to adjust the width.I want the skirt to go around me once and a tiny bit more.I only want it a tiny bit more because I want it to split a bit exposing my upper thigh when I'm walking. I'll pin the cut edge for now and sew it when I sew the hem.Now I cut the skirt to a shorter length.Allow some extra to make a 2cm hem.The skirt has a regular pattern, so it was easy to cut it evenly.I pinned up the hem. It's sort of tricky because of the pleats.It bunches because the pleats make the skirt have more material at the bottom than at the waist. A quick ironing helped.I then sew all along the the pinned hem.I discovered you need to remove the pins as you go, or else they get in the way.Also you need to make minor adjustments along the way so the pattern on the hem matches up with the skirt pattern.By doing this you get a nice even hem.I go really slow to avoid finger pokes.Now it's time to iron. Always remember, this is the hot side!Ironing will give it a nice crisp pleat.Hey Dasha, try using two hands and really put some weight on it.That's the way. You go girl !The label says "No Ironing", but we ignored that.All done. Can I try it on now ?Unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today. In the next installment, Daria tries on the skirt and we discover a problem.She also plans to model the finished results.Check back it a couple of days for the conclusion.Thanks,Daria and scooter sex dolls for men Since the sex doll progress has been made in all, by being with animation of sex doll, to be loved, it is it really surprising that it is possible to feel the intense joy. Most of them are made of TPE or silicon, it will be warm and soft touch.

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When you use your sex doll in a harsh manner, there is a great chance for it to acquire tears and abrasions. This type of damage, when not repaired immediately, can become worse over time. That being said, there are two easy methods that you can do to repair your sex doll if it has a tear or abrasion on its skin.