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Bezlya® Best Asian Silicone Girl Sex Dolls

Bezlya is a manufacturer of silicone head and full silicone sex dolls, they specialize in real dolls in Asian sweet style. Bezlya dolls feature exciting new technology and luxurious facial makeup. Automatically lubricate the whole vagina and Bionic Thermostat are exclusive technologies, these practical technologies enhance the doll's experience and give you more peace of mind. The luxurious makeup makes the love doll look lifelike, and the sweet design makes you happy. What's more, our store offers the best quality sex dolls at affordable prices.

What is the Bezlya Dolls?

Bezlya sexdoll is a high end sex doll brand that focuses on anatomical accuracy and realistic beauty, known for its commitment to authenticity and quality. These Asian sex dolls all have the appearance of cute and sweet girls, with a combination of high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship, making the dolls look and feel very realistic. Each BezlyaDoll is carefully crafted, not only limited to the appearance, the internal structure of the doll also imitates the feel of human skin and muscles, providing an immersive experience.

What Kind of New Technology Does The Bezlya Sex Doll Have?

  • Super Soft Breasts
  • This is not a gel-filled breast, but the chest is made into a hollow structure first, and then a softer material is filled in the hollow structure of the chest, which has better elasticity and feels more full and closer to real breasts.

  • Bionic Thermostat
  • First of all, Bezlya's designers will create a blood vessel-like channel system in the body of the realistic sex doll. The heating principle of the bionic thermostatic system is to inject heated liquid (water) into the body of the bionic doll through the interface of the doll's legs through an electric pump. Through the blood vessel-like venous channel in the doll, the natural constant temperature heating is formed with the circulating flow of the heating liquid. After 1-2 hours of heating, the body temperature of the doll is close to 37 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of the breasts is 40 degrees Celsius, which is obviously more in line with the physical condition of women.

  • Reduced Weight Version
  • Bezlya Doll recreated a new type of skeleton on the basis of taking into account the flexibility of the doll's limbs to deal with the problem of the doll's excessive weight. The new skeleton will be 8-10 kilograms lighter than the metal skeleton. Due to the limited internal space of the doll, the bionic thermostat and the weight-reduced version cannot be combined into one, which is undoubtedly a pity.

  • Vaginal Mucosa 2.0
  • Bezlya is the pioneer of the Vaginal Mucosa 2.0 function. This function does not require lubricant, only a few seconds of sleep, and it can produce a lubricating effect after insertion and insertion, with a service life of up to 60-80 times. At the same time, the vaginal wrapping is stronger than ordinary products, and the stimulation is stronger! The vaginal mucosa will slowly dry itself and is easy to clean. It also has a memory function, and it will gradually become the shape of a penis after long-term use.

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