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Dollhouse168 brand is made of TPE material, which has the advantages of optimal raw materials, light weight (lighter than the original pure TPE), strong permeability, odorless, low oil yield, and good touch. The skeleton is the latest EVO type. You can also do a shrug or sit up straight. Also, the engaging part of the head is not bolt-on, but push-in. Common Dollhouse168 dolls mainly include two series: mini sex doll and life size sex dolls.

Why is DollHouse 168 So Popular in Whole World?

Dollhouse 168 sex doll is a very unique Chinese sex doll manufacturer, based on customer feedback design and production of Japanese and anime sex dolls. They continue to improve the material formula, break through the skeleton design, enrich the new Asian-style dolls, and try to make customers closer to the real touch.

Dollhouse168 believes that sex dolls are not just toys, she will bring spiritual joy to customers when they are alone.

Customize Your Doll House 168 Love Doll in Uloversdoll

Dollhouse sex doll believes that a sex doll is not just a toy, she will bring customers spiritual pleasure when they are lonely. When purchasing, we offer various free options include hair color, hairstyle, eye color, manicure, makeup, jewelry, or outfits that can convert into a different person. Your creativity is the only limit, so express yourself as much as you can with this doll.

The vagina and anal hole of the DH168 doll are completely isolated from the internal skeleton (sealing), which is hygienic, rust-proof and safe. The blow molding technology is more advanced, the gap is more reasonable, there is no second-class gap, and the feel is more realistic and lighter.

Luxury Dollhouse 168 Love Doll

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