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POSTED ON March 31, 2019

Buying quality lubricants comes in handy when having sex with a tpe real dolls

Unforgettable and exciting is that the lifelike TPE latex sex doll is extremely sexy and her ass is completely attractive to any man who looks at her. Fortunately, she is a life-size cheap sex doll, so it's easy to hide. She fits under the bed and in the closet. She will provide three interesting deep holes, very compact and juicy small vagina, anus and oral cavity.

As a result, US distributors of real sex dolls may have obvious low-priced sales of branded goods such as WM-Doll in China, which in turn has brought low-priced sales to the US market. Obviously, this is not all. Because even the photos from the original manufacturer seemed to be used by unauthorized photocopiers, they also entered the US market. The result is that American customers cannot get the true best price to do it. What to do? He saw a TPE doll with the best price guarantee. It is said that it is original and looks the same as the original. But the price is obviously higher than other dealers.

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My real love doll has lived for almost two years, so I know what she likes and how it looks. Depending on the specific holiday, I always look for seductive clothes, necklaces and gift bouquets. You don't have to be alone for another year. It might be fun to spend a holiday on your silicone adult love doll, it's just some tweaking and a plan to make it work. Most of the activities I went through were simple and cost-effective and didn't require leaving home.

Don't make this mistake, either go to Amazon to buy a water based lubricant or you can buy this high quality lubricant. Buy wholesale, always by your side, you will find a large amount of lubricating oil has a crazy effect on your sexual behavior TPE sexy doll / masturbation device. The use of lubricants also makes your real love doll more realistic, so it's definitely worth it.

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FEBRUARY 22, 2019

In order to get a discount on real sex dolls on a good deal, it is recommended that you register on the mailing list of the retailer of your choice. Then, when your favorite photo-realistic sex doll is on sale, you will get an update and you can buy it at a great price.

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When choosing, make sure to avoid using zippers and sharp buttons. Because these may affect the TPE of your real sex dolls, which is very similar to human skin. The best are wide T-shirts, pullovers and track pants, as you can put on and take off very quickly and easily.

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This is a general safety guide when buying your best TPE sexy sex doll. If you want a genuine real sex dolls from a reputable manufacturer, you must pay at least $ 1,000. The price of high-end brands will be higher, mainly due to the material and labor costs of making dolls.

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