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Introduction To Sex Doll Brands

As sex dolls become more and more popular, new brands are constantly being born, and more and more market segments are constantly being supplemented. Uloversdoll has been officially authorized by 48 sex doll brands. These brands cover all types of sex dolls, each with its own characteristics, providing more choices for a large user group. Many customers will inevitably be dazzled when faced with so many sex doll brands and don’t know how to choose. Let’s introduce the characteristics of these brands.

TPE Sex Doll Brand

In the United States, the more well-known TPE sex doll brands include: WM Doll, Irontech Doll, Funwest Doll, Doll Forever, etc. Their products have a good reputation in the market, and the quality can be assured. DL Doll, AIBEI Doll, SY Doll, and Fire Doll are representatives of cheap sex dolls. Their product price advantages are very obvious, and they are the first choice for many people with limited budget. Brands such as AXB Doll, Piper Doll, Dollhouse168, and MOZU Doll are very popular brands in Japan, mainly for girl-type sex dolls, as well as anime-style ones.

Silicone Sex Doll Brands

Sex dolls made of silicone material are representatives of luxury sex dolls. They have a very realistic appearance and exquisite workmanship details. There are many advanced functions that make sex dolls more perfect, such as hair transplantation, realistic oral structure, automatic vaginal suction, oral heating functions, etc. The more well-known representatives of silicone sex dolls are FANREAL Doll, ZELEX Doll, Starpery Doll, etc. These brands of silicone dolls are lifelike like real people. Although they are expensive, they are still very popular in the European and American markets. If you like role-playing or anime-style silicone dolls, you can choose Game Lady Doll and ElsaBabe Doll, which are favorite brands among anime lovers. If you want to buy a male silicone doll, you can choose from the Irontech male doll and Realing Doll series.

Silicone Head & TPE Body

This is a very perfect combination, integrating the advantages and disadvantages of TPE and silicone, and it is also a relatively cost-effective compromise. Rosretty Doll and XY Doll are sex doll brands that consumers choose more. If you like Asian-style sex dolls, you can choose JX Doll, FU Doll, Bezlya Doll and YouQ Doll. These brands of sex dolls all have the characteristics of Asian women and are the best choices for us to try to have sex with exotic women. DH Doll is a brand that produces male adult dolls with Asian-style silicone heads. They are the best sex toys for women and gay men for masturbation.

Sex Torso Brand

In the United States, torso sex dolls are a relatively common sex toy. Because of their low price, small size and easy portability, they are the simplest tool for people to vent their desires. In the United States, the more famous torso brand is Tantaly. Their products are modeled on real models and are perfect masturbators that have been scaled down to equal proportions. Climax Doll are one of the pioneers of the BBW style torso sex dolls, with unique features in both their BBW style sex torsos and full size sex dolls. Yeloly Doll is very cheap, has a wide variety, and is in stock in the United States. It is the most cost-effective sex torso.