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Keep your 26kg realistic solid love doll healthy and durable

This is another major part of keeping a real love doll and what you should have when cleaning a doll. Using soap can inhibit bacteria because it can penetrate your 26kg realistic sex doll. Keep in mind that TPE big breast silicone dolls are usually more holes than other types of toys, so you have to be very careful. You want to make sure to use it to bathe gently because it will reach anywhere quickly.

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How to make your 26 kg realistic love doll and make sure you get one? You can gently put her on your skin. You don't want to tear it, because the surface of the doll is a bit rough, you need some baby powder, because doing so can keep her skin sweet. It's important to take this into account, especially if you want to use it often. Keeping TPE sex dolls healthy can make her more durable.

Usually, people with sex dolls need to maintain good hygiene. Because she may affect your health and health. If you don't deal with it, let the bacteria grow up, and finally destroy your beautiful silicone sex doll. It will definitely affect the appearance of these 26kg dolls and you will have to give up using her. You need to make sure that you take care of your sex doll in the most appropriate way and be careful how you clean it. This is an important part of the maintenance doll.