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We are divided into different types of silicone love dolls, you can choose the best sexual partner according to your needs. They have human characteristics that are created for pornography to satisfy your sexual desire. These surreal silicone adult sex dolls have a human-like body, body, breasts and genitals that are considered natural women. More and more adult men or women are using dolls to try different sexual stimuli and get real sexual pleasure. These girls are so realistic that they provide a feeling of extreme comfort for their owners.

What is the difference between silicone sex dolls of different sizes? First of all, from the visual and personal habits, you will definitely like a woman's image that fits the ideals of your fantasy. The same doll woman with the same conditions: size, hair, eyes, breasts and other factors, combined with the woman's appearance you are eager to get, using our high quality silicone masturbation doll perfectly copied.

Different sizes of sex dolls are directly related to their weight, close to the reality of the woman's appearance. In a way, this makes them more beautiful and more realistic. Men can express their emotional creatures according to their own impressions, and choosing the favorite size will make them more happy.

Real silicone lifelike dolls of different heights will also directly affect their prices. The larger the size of the doll, the more materials and costs are needed, and in order to improve the quality of the product, we need to make it in strict accordance with the standards. When you use a sex doll that is enough to satisfy your sexual desire, you will have more fun and relaxation. You can adjust your sexual position and move your emotional bio-silica sex doll to your fantasy position for the best sex experience.