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TPE Dolls by Body Height

Uloversdoll is a professional sex dolls shop, we offer the highest quality TPE Dolls, we promise that each doll has a super realistic look, soft skin, giving each customer a more realistic touch of the skin and a real sexual experience.The tpe doll is completely molded from TPE and has an unparalleled sense of realism.

All the tpe dolls in our store have a variety of heights, body shapes, chest cups and other different sizes. The first impression when touching TPE dolls is its realism. It almost feels like touching the real human body. The advantage of the TPE doll is still the latest product is that it can be stretched and pressed many times, it will always return to its original shape. After pressing the doll's breast, it was quite enjoyable. More realistic, softer and almost non-deformable, the TPE real doll also has the advantage of being very flexible, which allows the doll to take a variety of postures to satisfy his partner.

Another significant benefit is the price, the love doll in TPE is cheaper than the girlfriend in silicone. This material is porous and must be cleaned and dried to prevent moisture build-up and cause the mold to become smaller.

Buy a realistic tpe doll in our store and you will know what type of doll companion you need. For example, you will consider what height, size, and size of the doll you need. So ask yourself this question. What is most important, cost or realism. Based on your answers, you will know exactly what decision to make. If you need more advice, the sex doll supplier will be happy to answer all your questions.