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POSTED ON March 06, 2019

Use an open attitude discussion about of lifelike sex dolls in life

lifelike love doll for sale

Discuss realistic sex dolls:

For months, lifelike dolls have sparked strong, positive discussions and negative topics.

We don't want to avoid talking about custom sex doll, which is why we put love dolls into entertainment and believe that the ongoing entertainment about real dolls provides insight.
Therefore, we will disclose face-to-face views and show that things may be different:

Our position on this:

When love dolls enter the market, critics criticize it in a legal way.
In order to defend their arguments, we will explain in detail the use of some of the comments and opinions we have found on various topics in this media:
We can find these different negative views about lifelike love dolls.

Realistic love dolls generally humiliate people. They believe that their use can lead to the dehumanization of social relations.

It reinforces the embody of women and sexual violence because “the sex toy industry tells customers that they can achieve any fantasies without paying attention to the objects they use.

In the vast majority of cases, this object is female. The existence of a speaking robot with a design personality, a warm body and a sensor to respond to the touch is just and permanent, although it means technological advancement, sexual violence against the female image.

No one can blame him for sex because he buys cheap, realistic dolls. In addition, a love doll is sublime, its similarity with a real woman is so close, do not know how to distinguish it from the real. In addition, the purchase of dolls does not require a lot of agreements, just order online at the online store.

There are more, but we believe that the above two arguments form the core of opposing opinions on the purchase of real dolls.

If sex dolls are used for entertainment, supporters, or simply those who do not reject "sex dolls" or these types of products, answer the following arguments:

Customer Reviews:

Silicone dolls are a sex toy, but they don't hurt anyone, they correspond to vibrators or penis women. “There are also male tribes with penis, women cycling and enjoying themselves, more, some techniques, they have a robotic real doll craving, with a variety of shows.

To fill the gaps you are experiencing, you only need to buy a silicone doll. Better than a doll, like a teenager, she has a generous curve that always makes you want to do it. Instead of fantasizing yourself, you will be able to play until dawn without hurting yourself or cheating your wife.

With realistic real dolls, you can avoid related problems such as, for example, trafficking in people or minors. "The next step is to do the same with sex robots. If you see the positive side, this may be for those who are at the end of human trading, or even avoid injuries." At least, while they are dealing with a lifelike doll will not hurt Anyone to satisfy their sexual desire.

We know that if you look at the opinion map, both departments will play a real role. We don't have the same morality, and we want our principles to be consistent with our behavior. Therefore, we wanted to understand the philosophical and ethical principles that define our performance from the very beginning.

Separate the sexual or social relationship between the Orientals and the Westerners. For example, the Japanese have established complex relationships with real dolls, not only in terms of sex but also in emotions.In the United States, where sex dolls are very stable, realistic silicon doll sex dolls are named because they are only worthy of sex on them, and they are known to have a relationship with you in Japan.

Between being used as a love doll and being used as a sex doll.

In Spain, however, the use of companies since the population and generations alternate, which means living more than 40,000 people in Spain, alone and putting more and more people in sex dolls for pure sex use.

When a person enters a deeper level with her standards in Japan and considers the dolls of "Love Dolls", we can see that Japanese doll makers strive to have more respect for their customers than to have more sex.

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